Klout logoI’ve been sick all week and feeling pretty miserable, barely checking my Twitter. I did manage to see a post about Kris Cain’s Klout score dropping so I decided to check mine. I went from 66 to 55 in a few days. WHAT?

I try to pretend that my Klout score doesn’t matter to me, but when everyone is asking for it, it’s hard not to care. Klout said that they adjusted the algorithms to better reflect influence.  At one point I was a 71 and I worked hard for that 71. Now I’m a 55. 🙁

Feels Like School

This feels like a school going in and deciding to change everyone’s GPA because they figured out a better way do the scores. But at the same time, the colleges are still looking at the grades based on the old system of A, B, etc.

So for example sake, lets say I was getting an 95 and that is an A average on the old algorithm. The colleges are excited and knocking on my door. Should I focus solely on my grades? No. But the schools will put a lot of emphasis on it as a way to weed people out in the beginning. I’m getting an A…awesome.

Then the schools decide that they need to change the algorithm they use to better reflect your total picture, but they aren’t going to tell you what those things are.

Now, I get my new grades and I’m averaging an 84. The colleges drop me like flies. So, I haven’t made any changes in what I do, but now I am not worthy of the 95? But yet, you won’t tell me what the scores are based on so, I have no idea how to improve.

Klout score

Does Your Klout Score Matter?

If Klout wants your Klout score to matter (which I’m sure they do,) they can not randomly decide to change all of our scores. I don’t know what the answer is because I have no idea what they scores are based on.

By making the Klout score changes they just did, put less value on the Klout score in my book. I’m still the same person online yet I’m worth 11 points less now. And they didn’t expect that would be a problem when they have been trying to put a great deal of value in the Klout score?

Klout Matrix

Pretending I Don’t Care!

I am trying really hard to pretend that I don’t care about my Klout score, but damn, the truth is, when I see that 55, it DOES bug me. I feel like I did something wrong yet no one will tell me what.

But I can tell you one thing, I am looking at my Klout score less than I have in the past. If a Klout score can change so drastically, it isn’t very reliable and I put less value on that. Now, let me go watch my PeerIndex.

Let’s Talk About Klout Score!

How about you? Did your Klout score go down or up? How did that make you feel?