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How much time do you spend in the laundry room doing laundry? More than you’d like I’d bet! With 4 kids, I did spend a lot of time doing laundry, but I’ve found ways to get my life back. I’ll share my tips with you.

Kenmore Top Loading Washer Laundry #KenmoreCleans #GoDirtyGirl #Ad Tips to Get Out of the Laundry Room and Back to Your Life

Get Your Laundry Done Tips

Tip #1: Sort Your Laundry

My husband and I have two laundry baskets. Not a his and hers, but rather lights and darks. We have the two laundry baskets in our closet, so when we throw the clothes in the basket, they go straight into lights or darks. This saves time sorting later.

Kenmore Top Loading Washer Laundry #KenmoreCleans #GoDirtyGirl #Ad

Sort your laundry when you take your clothes off to save time.


Tip #2: Teach Your Kids to Do Laundry

I have four kids and every week they get very dirty. Let’s take a look at the amount of dirty laundry my kids create in a week.

Kenmore Top Loading Washer Laundry #KenmoreCleans #GoDirtyGirl #Ad

Dancers get very dirty! Lots of dance outfits to wash weekly.

Kenmore Top Loading Washer Laundry #KenmoreCleans #GoDirtyGirl #Ad

More laundry from my youngest who changes clothes several times a day because she is outside a lot getting dirty and sweaty.

Kenmore Top Loading Washer Laundry #KenmoreCleans #GoDirtyGirl #Ad

My third child also creates a lot of laundry from playing basketball and skateboarding outside in the summer. Stinky & sweaty!

Kenmore Top Loading Washer Laundry #KenmoreCleans #GoDirtyGirl #Ad

And last, but not least, my oldest is a runner and works out daily. Lots of fun dirty and stinky clothes…

All four of my kids do their own laundry. I taught them to sort, put the clothes in the washer, put the detergent in the washer, turn in on (and what settings to use), switch to the dryer and fold. (Ok, a lot of times the clothes do not make it out of laundry basket and into the dresser, but at least they are clean.)


Tip #3: Get the Largest Washer You Can Afford and Do Full Loads Whenever Possible

When we bought our current washer, I bought the absolute largest machine in my price range. The more I can fit in there means less loads of laundry.

Kenmore Top Loading Washer Laundry #KenmoreCleans #GoDirtyGirl #Ad

Get the largest top-load washer you can.


Tip #4: Get A New Top-Load Washer With The Latest Technology

The washing machine you have can make a huge difference. I never thought it would make much of a difference until we bought a top loading washing machine with the latest technology and I saw the difference with my own eyes.

This Kenmore 5.3 cu top-load washer will clean 26 towels at once. That’s a LOT of towels.


Technology of New Top Loading Washers

So, what is it about the new Kenmore top-load washers that helps you get laundry done faster (and better) and back to your life? I’m glad you asked.

  1. There are 9 spray jets which means all of your clothes will get wet.
  2. The washer sprays a cleaning mix on top of your clothes and soaks the dirt faster. With the 9 jets mentioned above, your clothes will be soaked with water and cleaning mix to soak out the dirt.
  3. Pretreating can take a lot of time, so the washer uses steam to get out those really stubborn stains. I wish my current washing machine had this feature.
  4. You can  choose an extended wash time for really stubborn stains like when you run the Kenmore Dirty Girl Mud Run.
  5. No more standing at the washer waiting to put the fabric softener in. The Kenmore washers will dispense the fabric softener at the perfect time. You add it when you start the washer. (I love this feature.)

More Info on Kenmore Top-Load Washers

Head over to and check out all the top-load washers. The summer time is not the time to spend in the laundry room. I’d rather be out playing in the mud getting dirty with the kids.

And if you really do like getting dirty, have you tried running a mud run? I have always wanted to try one. The Kenmore Dirty Girl Mud Run looks like so much fun.


What kind of dirt do you have to get out of your laundry?

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