My Latest Netflix Obsessions #StreamTeam

Netflix shows you do not want to miss #StreamTeam

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While I’m working, I need to have something on TV. I can’t work in silence. Netflix is always my go-to for finding a new series obsession.

Here are my latest Netflix Series Obsessions:


This is perfect if you don’t have a lot of time. The episodes are very short. A college-aged girl is obsessed with a Korean actor and Korean TV shows. She becomes a part of the show after an accident. Dramaworld on Netflix

The Messengers

The Messengers has one season. Five people who do not know each other die when something falls from the sky. They are all resurrected and come together (and keep coming together even when they try to stay away from each other) to stop the end of the world. And throw in the devil and you have a real interesting show.

The Messengers on Netflix



In Between, all the adults are killed in this town by a virus. A few of the people are 21 and as soon as they turn 22, they are killed by the virus too. They are cut off from the outside world because no one knows what is killing the adults. The town is left to survive with only the kids.

Between is a Netflix Original and can only be seen on Netflix.

Between, Netflix Original

And the show I’ll be watching next?


Helix is on my list to watch next. There are two seasons and it takes place in the Antarctic. They discover a new virus and if it ever gets out it could wipe out everyone on the planet.

Helix on Netflix

My son just finished watching Bates Motel and I saw a few of the episodes from the last season. If you loved Psycho and would love to find out the history behind how Norman Bates turns out the way he is in Psycho, watch Bates Motel.

Those are my current suggestions for Netflix. The great thing about Netflix is there are always new series and movies coming on each month. Stay tuned for of my favorites!

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