iRULU 6.5″ Smartphone for Under $250

iRULU Victory 3 unlocked international Android smartphone; 6.4"

This is a sponsored post. 

You did not read that wrong. The iRULU Victory 3 smartphone is 6.5″ and retails for $220.  It is an unlocked international Android phone. I’ve had the pleasure of testing the iRULU V3 for the last month and I’m loving it.

iRULU Victory 3 unlocked international Android smartphone; 6.4"

I’m a huge fan of larger phones. I don’t need to enlarge anything to read texts. I can watch videos easily. I can work on Word documents. The larger phones fit my life better.

Everyday With iRULU V3iRULU Victory 3 unlocked international Android smartphone; 6.4"

I was expecting the V3 to be heavy, but it is surprisingly light at 6.7 ounces. I have very small hands, yet it fit well and was very easy to use.

iRULU Victory 3 unlocked international Android smartphone; 6.4"

It has a very bright screen so it was easy to see in sunlight and use in the dark. I found that reading books using the Kindle app was very satisfying on this phone. The size meant it was easy to hold and I didn’t get tired holding it like I do with tablets sometimes. The 6.5″ screen is the perfect size for a page of a book.

iRULU Victory 3 unlocked international Android smartphone; 6.4"

Video and Calling Features

I didn’t have cell service on this phone, so I tested the video and calling features using Skype. I had no problems holding the phone and speaking. Video conferencing was simpler with the larger screen.

iRULU Victory 3 unlocked international Android smartphone; 6.4"

As you can see from the photo above, the iRULU Victory 3 is thin and the back curves slightly to feel comfortable in your hand. That is important in larger phones.

iRULU V3 Camera

The rear camera is 13MP and the front is 5MP. Here are two photos I took with the V3. I did not make any edits to these photos other than scaling them so they were a smaller file.

This was taken with the rear camera. This has been my view during my shoulder surgery recovery.

photo taken with iRULU Victory 3

This photo is a horrible selfie of my taken with the front camera. Don’t mind my “recovery” hair.

selfie photo taken with iRULU Victory 3

 Both photos were taken inside on a dreary day.

Dual SIMs

The iRULU Victory 3 is a dual SIM phone. That means you can have two lines on one phone. You could have a separate line for work and personal. How cool is that? Not many phones have that feature (and for less than $250.)

Overall, I loved this phone. I wasn’t expecting to like it, but I do. The only complaint I have is where the on/off button is located. The way I hold it, I was constantly turning the phone off.

If you are looking for an affordable phone, but do not want to skimp on features, the iRULU Victory 3 smartphone is worth a look.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received the iRULU V3 in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 


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  • It is NOT worth buying a Tablet whose manufacturer is not responsible for the system that carries the device. IF for whatever you need technical assistance, make sure you buy from a manufacturer that really supports you. The experience of the support has been bad, and a tablet without the system can not work. All manufacturers have on their pages the systems of their devices to reload if it fails or malfunctions. Irulu only has the last month or year. If you are going to use the tablet for less than a year, maybe it lasts for you, but if the purchase is going to be longer, my advice is that you buy from another manufacturer. It is not worth buying a product that has no support and you know you can not use it more than a limited time. Irulu is the worst place to buy

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