Ultimate Blog Swap; 5 Apps To Support Your Spirit

Way of Dreams app

Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at The Millionairess in Training about Tech Tools to Balance Your Life, and I’m excited to welcome Doña Bumgarner to Scraps of My Geek Life:

5 iPhone/iPad Apps to Support Your Spirit

Do you feel like your days are sometimes out of control?  A to-do list that won’t quit, an overflowing inbox, and you can’t remember the last time you made it to the gym, let alone took time to meditate or write in your journal?

Instead of using your smart phone to check your email one more time, use it to take a meditation break, make a gratitude list, or check in with your inner self.  Here are five iPhone and iPad apps that will refresh your spirit and rejuvenate your outlook.

Meditator $.99

meditator app

Meditator is a simple but effective meditation timer designed for iPhone or iPad. Use it for timing meditation sessions, or power nap. The app will count down and them chime at the beginning and end of a session.  You can also set intervals that are useful for doing a series of yoga poses. It has three memory settings to retain your preferences for different kinds of sessions. The best part is the chime tones – beautiful, authentic meditation sounds, including a wood flute, multiple tones of Tibetan Bowls, and a monk’s voice. It comes with several nice ones and you can purchase additional sets within the app.

iChing HD  $2.99

The iChing is an ancient Chinese book that contains a divination system accessed by reading the results of a coin toss. This version is based on the popular web-based iChing readings on iFate.com. You will be walked through a complete reading that will offer deep insight into current and future events. The app features beautiful HD graphics and animation and is designed to be simple enough for a complete beginner yet offer enough depth and complexity to keep advanced users engaged. Separate versions are available for iPhone and iPad.

Day One  $1.99

Day One app

Day One is a beautiful journaling app available for iPhone, iPad and Mac Desktop. Each version has a customized layout appropriate for the device’s screen size. The app is designed for quick daily journal entries. This would be a great way to keep a gratitude journal or to capture regular everyday moments before they are lost to the busyness of life. The app can be locked with a password and syncs to iCloud or Dropbox so all of your entries are available across your devices. Entries are shown in a list or calendar view, and you can flag them or export them out of the application. Planned features in development include support of tags, photo attachments and encryption.

Awareness $3.99

With the simple question, “What are you feeling right now?” Awareness allows you to check in with your emotional landscape and empowers you to build or change your attitudes and behavior. The app will send random notifications (but won’t interrupt your iCal meetings!), asking you to log your mood and current activity. Based on your response you will be offered an inspirational quote or brief meditation. The app also creates reports so you can analyze your moods and how they correlate to various activities over time. Reviewers of the application note that it is a great help to reduce anxiety and stress. It is currently available on iPhone and iPad and an Android version is in development.

Way of Dreams $1.99

Way of Dreams app

More than just a dream dictionary, Way of Dreams invites you to type in dream description and then offers an interpretation based on keywords and associations between symbols you described. Symbol definitions also contain hyperlinks so you can delve into deeper meanings. The app is based on the work of author and talk radio dream analyst Kari Hohne. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and now also on Kindle.

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Thank you Doña for those awesome app suggestions. These will fit perfectly with my Project Balance. I will be downloading these and giving them a try.


Doña Bumgarner tries to use her iPhone for good – at least when her toddler isn’t using it to play Peekaboo Barn.  She blogs at Aubergine and lives and writes in Santa Cruz, CA.


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  • Like Anna, I too will love the meditator app! I remember that soulful music of meditation at a spa and I just can’t wait to hear that here at my office desk.. you have been so generous in pointing out such apps that really could stand by a stressed out person! Thanks.

  • The meditator seems to be a really cool stuff, I thin I’m going to give it a try and download it! Thanks for this great review!

  • These application is new for me, I’m so excited to discover what can be provide in my stuff… Thanks for sharing…

  • These application is lovely cool, I am pretty sure that my friends do also like these stuff… I will book mark this one…

  • Wow! The Wy of Dreams app sounds pretty cool! I haven’t known that there are already apps like this! I think I1m going to give it a try, I’ve always wanted to store my dreams. That will be an exciting adventure!

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