You’ve got the iPad and you read your email and get your news during your morning coffee. But, do you use it for work or for planning your travel? There is so much that you can do with your iPad and most of us probably only touch the surface of its uses. the

book by Nancy Muir will show you how to get the most out of your iPad.

ipad for dummies

iPad for Dummies

iPad for Dummies is really 6 books in 1 and is in full color. It is the perfect reference book for any iPad owner.

  • iPad Basics
  • Just for Fun
  • iPad on the Go
  • Getting Productive with iWork
  • Using iPad to Get Organized
  • Must-Have iPad Apps


I have owned an iPad since the first day they were released and  I learned a lot of new tricks from the book. Each time they update the iPad, there are new features added, yet I get stuck doing things the same way because I just know how to do it that way. iPad for Dummies showed this old dog a few new tricks (especially in the getting organized chapter)

Six Books in One

Book 1: iPad Basics. The iPad Basics book is perfect for someone who is going to make an iPad purchase for the first time. This chapter goes over purchasing the iPad, setting it up, getting started with the basic apps and maintaining your iPad.

Book 2: Just For Fun. We all know the iPad is fun, so this chapter takes you through music, movies, Facetime, the Game Center and many other fun apps on the iPad.

Book 3: On the Go. If you have wifi available for your iPad while on the go, then this chapter will show you how to find your way, make travel arrangements and finding hotspots, hotels, etc.

ipad for dummies

Book 4: Getting Productive with iWork. This is the chapter that I spent the most time reading through. I learned a lot of new tips for working with Pages on the iPad. With iWork, you can create a whole presentation, work on a spreadsheet and edit documents right on your iPad.

Book 5: Using iPad to Get Organized. There are so many organization apps available for the iPad. This book will go through file sharing, calendar, contacts, notes, clock, printing from the iPad and Siri.

Book 6: Must-Have Apps. The App Store has thousands of apps and wading through them for the first time is overwhelming and time-consuming. This chapter will give you the best of the best in several categories. It’s a good place to start.

ipad for dummies all-in-one

If you are just starting with the iPad, reading this book from cover to cover will get you up to speed very quickly. If you’ve owned an iPad for a while, you will find various parts of the book more useful than others, but keeping it around for easy reference is a good idea!

Disclosure: I received Creative Thinking for Dummies in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links within.

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