Toddy-cleaning-gearI discovered the ToddyGear Smart Cloth at CES and I was immediately a huge fan (and I had a clean screen at CES.} The ToddyGear Smart Cloths will keep the screen of all your gadgets shiny and they come in gorgeous colors and patterns (you can even create a branded Smart Cloth for your company).

The ToddyGear Smart Cloth is a plush microfiber cloth on one side and a patterned silk microfiber on the other. According to the ToddyGear website, the cloth has an

antimicrobial coating, protecting the cloth against the microorganisms that contribute to mold, mildew and other negative effects.

You no longer have to use a dirty screen cleaner or your shirt to clean your screens. The ToddyGear Smart Cloths will safely clean your screens.


The ToddyGear Smart Cloths are small enough to keep with you at all times to wipe the fingerprints and dirt off all your gadgets including smartphones, iPad, laptop, handheld games, etc. I have been using the ToddyGear Smart Cloth for a clean screen on my iPad and iPhone for 2 months now and I love them. The screen gets very clean without smudges. I could never really get the iPhone screen clean with my sleeve. I have even pulled it out several times at a conference when someone is complaining about a dirty screen and everyone is impressed with how well it cleans.


The ToddyGear Smart Cloths retail for $14.99 and may be purchased from the ToddyGear store. Be sure to check all the

Disclosure: I received a sample of the Smart Cloth for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Let’s Talk about Clean Screens!

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