iLuv sent me an iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case to take with me to BlogHer. I hate carrying around a laptop at conferences because I have to carry so much.  The iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case made taking notes with my iPad a lot easier.

iPad bluetooth keyboard

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case from iLuv

The iPad 2 fits snugly into the top portion of the case with a flap to insert on the left side. I had no concerns about it falling out and all the buttons and cameras were available to use with the case.

Removable Bluetooth Keyboard

The best part of this iPad bluetooth keyboard case is that the keyboard is removable. If you want to keep your iPad 2 in the case all the time, but do not need the keyboard, you can pull it off the base. When the keyboard is attached, it does not feel like it’s removable. It is securely fastened to the case with velcro.

ipad bluetooth keyboard

Removable keyboard on the iPad BlueTooth Keyboard Case.

Charging the keyboard is very easy. On the right hand side of the keyboard, there is an on/off switch, pairing button and spot for charging. It took about 3 hours for the first charge and it kept the charge the whole time I was at BlogHer.

There is a pull-out stand with several different viewing angles. The flap that keeps the whole case closed securely twists around so it is out-of-the-way when you are using the iPad 2.

ipad bluetooth keyboard iluv

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case with stand for different viewing angles.

I definitely recommend this iPad bluetooth keyboard case by iLuv if you plan to bring your iPad to a conference. I was able to write a blog post and take notes during sessions. It was so much easier to use the keyboard than typing on the iPad 2. The keyboard is different from the keyboard you would use on a desktop because the keys are a bit closer together. At first it took some getting used to, but once I was comfortable with the keyboard, I didn’t notice the difference.

ipad bluetooth keyboard close-up

The iLuv iPad 2 Professional Case with Bluetooth Keyboard retails for $129.99.

ipad bluetooth keyboard case

Disclosure: I received the iLuv iPad 2 Professional Case with Bluetooth Keyboard in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my won.

Let’s Talk About the iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case!

Do you own a an iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case or do you plan on buying one?