iOttie Offers Stylish Protection for Your Smartphone

iOttie Macaron Samsung Galaxy Note 2

iOttie offers smartphone protection and are gorgeous. There is a bit of a story behind my meeting iOttie. Sometimes you are just “meant” to meet someone or even a product.

iOttie Macaron Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Let me explain. My sister gave me a [amazon_link id=”B007FH716W” target=”_blank” ]car mount for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2[/amazon_link] for Christmas and I immediately fell in love with it. I didn’t think it was possible to use a mount in a car that will stay and one that would fit my big Galaxy Note. It’s even really easy to get the phone in and out of the mount.

iOttie car mount for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

iOttie at CES 2013

Forward a few weeks and I’m at CES and I see the car mount that I was just raving about to everyone. Of course, I stopped and they showed me how strong the car mount is by lifting the bowling ball up with the suction from the mount (which I thought was really cool which is why I’m showing you.)

iOttie car mount strong

And then they showed me all the different protective case options they have in so many awesome colors. “But…do you have one for the Galaxy Note 2?”


iOttie smartphone case colors

iOttie Macaron Protective Case

After, CES, iOttie sent me a Macaron protective case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to try. The case fits snugly on the Galaxy Note 2 and is easy to get on. There is a note that if you take the case on and off often, you may loosen the fit, so it’s better to leave it on.

iottie macaron

The best part about this case is that it narrows at the point where you hold the phone. As you know, the Galaxy Note 2 is large phone and adding any bulk can make it very difficult to hold (especially with small hands like mine.) You need to add some bulk if you want to fully protect a smartphone. iOttie added enough bulk to protect, yet it still fits in my hand.

macaron galaxy note 2 case fits in my hand

Stylish Galaxy Note 2 Case

I love the colors available for the [amazon_link id=”B00AWXMMEW” target=”_blank” ]Macaron case[/amazon_link]. Beautiful , vibrant colors that make my smartphone look stylish.

iottie note 2 macaron case colors

The black sides of the case give you a no-slip grip and the smooth colored back feels really good too. The Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) based case will absorb the shock if it is dropped.


You can easily access all the ports and the stylus. I had no problem using the volume or power buttons.


Here is the front of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the iOttie Macaron case.


The [amazon_link id=”B00AWXBPZ4″ target=”_blank” ]Macaron case retails for $29.99 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2[/amazon_link] and is available for other smartphones and tablets too.

[amazon_image id=”B00AWXS674″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]iOttie Macaron Protective Case Cover for Galaxy Note 2 (Sky Blue)[/amazon_image][amazon_image id=”B00AWXP6DQ” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]iOttie Macaron Protective Case Cover for Galaxy Note 2 (Mint)[/amazon_image][amazon_image id=”B00AWXMMEW” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]iOttie Macaron Protective Case Cover for Galaxy Note 2 (Magenta)[/amazon_image]

Disclosure: My sister paid for the the car mount that she gave me as a gift. I received the Macaron protective case to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links within.

[amazon_enhanced asin=”B007FH716W” /]


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  • It looks a little bit bulky but if it provides good protection for my smartphone, I would definitely buy one. Thanks for sharing it with us. Cheers!

  • I am most impressed with the suction power of the car mount. This works well especially when the trips get awfully rocky. Aside from that, the protective covers look sleek and smart. Definitely a must buy for smartphone owners.

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