The Into_Now app for the iPhone (iTunes link), iPad and Android is a really fun & free app from Yahoo!. I bet you are wondering how an app for TV could be fun. This isn’t any ordinary app. The Into_Now app listens to the show you are watching and pulls up not only the show, but the episode you are watching.

Into_Now App

This is what the Into_Now app on the iPad looks like when it is listening to your TV.

Into_Now tv app

And Into_Now on the iPhone…

Into_Now TV iPhone

And this is what you get when the Into_Now app listens and finds the show you are listening to.

Into_Now TV listening

You can also find shows that are on now if you are looking for something to watch on TV.

Into_Now app

Into_Now tv

You can connect with your friends and when you check into a show you will know whether your friends have watched that show before or if they are watching it now. The checking in part is similar to Get Glue, but I love that the Into_Now app listens for the show rather than me having to find it.

Into_Now tv profile

Here is what you see on the iPad. There is more space, so you can see more.

Into_Now app on iPad

Testing Into_Now

I have tested both the iPad and iPhone Into_Now app extensively trying to trip it up. I have never had the app tell me it was the wrong show. If there are commercials on, the app will tell you it thinks there may be commercials on. If the sound is too soft or there is a lot of other noise in the room, then the Into_Now app will have a hard time listening. But when it can hear well, it finds the show almost every time. There was only once that it wasn’t finding the show and I can’t remember what show it was.

How Into_Now Works

I checked on the Into_Now website to find out how it find the shows by listening. It uses something called SoundPrint, which is their own patented indexing technology

With SoundPrint, IntoNow can identify what’s being watched, down to the individual episode, within seconds.

– Into_Now website

It just amazes me what technology can do.

Into_Now TV Android iPad iPhone

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Did you download Into_Now? Do you use check-in apps when you are watching TV?