The Intel All-in-One desktop computer is so sleek and stylish. It’s perfect for smaller desks. I put our HP Envy Rove 20 (received for the #IntelAIO campaign) in our family room because it will not take up much space, is more useful for our family and can easily be moved around to play games or use anywhere. The family room is the center of our family activity.

Intel All-in-one desktop computer

HP Rove 20 Intel All-In-One Desktop Computer

I’m so excited about adding this gorgeous Intel AIO desktop computer in my family room.

HP envy rove 20 side view

We had a laptop and the laptop is heavier than the all-in-one. This HP Rove 20 Intel All-In-One desktop computer is easy to move around and my kids can play games on which they are really excited about.

hp rove 20

The Rove 20 will be our new main fun family computer. It can be upright on a desk or flat on the floor depending on what you are using the all-in-one at the time. Perfect or a family room.

HP rove 20 all-in-one desktop computers


Even the mouse looks sleek and a little sexy (shhhhh!) You will be hearing much more about the HP Rove 20 Intel All-In-One desktop computers in the next few months. My family will be testing it and integrating it into our life. I’ll show you all the ways you can enhance your life with the HP Rove 20.

HP Envy Rove 20

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intel all-in-one desktop computers