Create a Video With Your Instagram Pictures

animoto logoI have always loved using Animoto, but now I love it even more because I can use my Instagram pictures to make my videos.

Instagram Pictures Video

Here is a video I created with all Instagram pictures of my family’s holiday break.

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

Animoto is free for a non HD 30 second video. If you want a longer video, you will need to upgrade to Pro which is $30/year. I’ve made a lot of Animoto videos in the past because they are so easy to make. Animoto has a very simple work area where you pull in your pictures and videos, add music and text and then click “Produce Video” and Animoto goes to work creating the video for you.

Animoto has an iPhone app too.

animoto iphone appLet’s Try Making a Video With Your Instagram Pictures!

Go make a few videos with your Instagram pictures and put a link in the comments below.

Disclosure: I wrote this because I wanted to. I am not affiliated with Animoto or Instagram in any way (and never have been.)

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9 thoughts on “Create a Video With Your Instagram Pictures

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  3. Oooh, do you think this would work for stop-motion animation films my little girl wants to make of her lego minifigs or claymation-style ones with blobs of play-doh? Sounds like a perfect match…

    1. LOL! I believe it. When I first discovered Animoto, I created movies out of every event I could come up with. We even used it to create part of my daughter’s 5th grade graduation video. I use it to create birthday videos too.

  4. I have been looking for something I can use to make a video with no technical know how and very little effort in terms of learning the app/program. I sort of gave up a year or so ago and figured when something became available I would read about it somewhere, I think I will take a look!

  5. I’m an Instagram nut! It brings out the mini-photographer in me! I had no idea that you could turn these shots into movies though. Animoto looks fantastic, especially if it can be done on the iphone too. This would be an ace alternative to christmas and birthday cards I think.

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