What is an iHangy I bet you are asking yourself now. It is a new accessory which leaves your hands free and your iPhone safe. Let me show you these cool iPhone accessories!

iHangy Keychain

iHangy keychain

iHangy Keychain

The iHangy Keychain attaches to the bottom of the iPhone where you would plug it in to charge it. The iHangy Keychain can be hung on your keychain or your belt loop. I would suggest using a screen protector with the keychain so your screen won’t get scratched.

iHangy Necklace

iHangy Necklace

iHangy Necklace

The iHangy Necklace attaches the same way the keychain does, but it has a soft rubber cord that goes around your neck. The necklace has a safety feature so that if you were to get it caught on something, it won’t hang you, it would pull apart instead. iHangy iphone accessories

How Does It Hold Up?

Of course, my big concern was, “Will it stay connected to my iPhone?” and I am glad to report that without the case, both stayed securely connected to the iPhone. When I had my case on, the keychain stayed connected, but if I pulled enough, the Necklace would come loose. I’m assuming this is different with every case. It will depend on the depth of your case and how much room is around the connection area.

iHangy stylus

Using the stylus on the iHangy Necklace.


Includes a Touch Pen

The iHangy Necklace and iHangy Keychain include a touch pen. I thought this was a really clever use of the design. That way you always have the touch pen with you. It works really well too.

iHangy iPhone Accessories Details

The iHangy can be used on all models of the iPhone and the iPod. They can be purchased online at iHangy.com.

The iHangy Keychain comes in white and black and retails for $14.99.

iHangy keychain iphone accessoriesThe iHangy Necklace comes in pink, white, black and purple and retails for $14.99.

iHangy necklace package

There are so many times I wished there was an ihangy on my iPhone. I plan to give the iHangy Necklace to my 13 yr old daughter because she often doesn’t have pockets and doesn’t carry a purse yet. I’m going to keep the iHangy Keychain for me because I often carry just my keys with me and it would be awesome to not have to carry keys & phone (keys are on a chain that goes around my neck.)

Let’s Talk About the iHangy iPhone Accessories!

What are your thoughts? How could you use an iHangy? What else could you use an iHangy for?