This is like a dream come true for me. My husband has been attending CES for…oh…I don’t know..something like 15 years or maybe more. Every year I am so jealous. He tells me about all the gadgets and new technology and every year I wish I was there too.

THIS YEAR I AM!!! I am so excited. Right now I feel like a kid the night before Christmas or Disney. I am going to take a lot of video and photos and bring back a lot to show you.

Today I am taking it easy. Since I’m still recovering, I have to be careful. I have a dinner tonight and then tomorrow I’m going to ooh and ahhh over all the gadgets.

Watch my twitter stream (@ScrappinMichele) for lots of videos and photos. When I get back I will write much more about everything I see.

On the plane trip here, i got to see the Facebook movie. Watch for a full review of the movie next week.