Awesome Camera on the HTC One X+

I’ve been testing the HTC One X+ for the last 2 months and the camera has just blown me away.  I use the camera daily and many of those photos end up in my digital scrapbooking layouts, so the quality of the photos from the camera is really important to me.

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HTC One X+ Camera Specs

The HTC One X+ has camera features that I have not seen on a cell phone camera before. Here is the scoop:

  • 8 mp back camera with auto focus, LED flash & BSI sensor for better low-light photos)
  • 1.6 mp front camera
  • 1080p HD video recording on back camera and 720p video recording on front camera
  • Dedicated HTC ImageChip
  • Capture a 6 mp photo while shooting HD video
  • Capture up to 99 shots with continuous shooting
  • Five levels of flash automatically set by the distance to the subject
  • Video stabilization (for smooth videos)
  • Slow motion video capture and playback
  • You can go back and choose a shot from any video frame you want from video you shot

Sample HTC One X+ Photos

Now the proof is in the pudding, as they say, so here are some sample photos I took with the HTC One X+ camera. I sized the photos to load better, but I didn’t not make any other adjustments.

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Disclosure: As part of the #HTCOne #TroopOneX campaign, I received the HTC One X+. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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HTC One X+ cell phone awesome camera

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31 thoughts on “Awesome Camera on the HTC One X+

    1. Using the smart phone to take photos of your kids is so handy. We always have our phones and I think that the kids don’t see it as this ominous huge camera where they feel the need to perform. They are so used to us with our phones they hardly notice them so get real natural shots.

  1. I use my camera everyday I love pictures and I’m an Instagram junkie love that site I have tons of pictures on there and I love sharing pictures with family and friends its really fun

    1. That’s a great point and something I didn’t mention. Because the smart phone takes great photos, you get really nice Instagram photos. Makes a huge difference.

  2. I would say I use the camera on my phone about twice a week. The pics are usually of family and projects that are being down on our house. Like before and after pics.

  3. My camera on my phone is horrid but I’d love to be able to take pictures of my children especially at school functions and when we visit family..I’d love the convenience of being able to upload photos directly from my phone to Facebook

  4. I probably use it every other day or so. I normally take pictures of our dog, or food I make 🙂 All the important things! lol.

  5. One thing I consider before buying a smartphone is the phone’s camera. If I see that it doesn’t have the capacity to take pictures clearly, I will not be buying it. Thanks for giving this very detailed review on the HTC One X’s camera, I’ll be sure to consider this unit when I buy a new smartphone.

  6. I love to take pictures with smartphones since it’s incredibly handy. Aside from that you can automatically edit a picture once it’s in your gallery, The camera of the HTC One X looks really good, I’ll consider this model next time when I’m about to buy a new one.

  7. I didn’t know the HTC One X’s had a camera as good as that. Amazing really. I’m still skeptical in getting one though, I think an S3 Mini would be better.

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