HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart AiO PC And It’s Many Uses #HPFamilyTime

Last month I told you about the HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart AiO PC that keeps my family closer. Today I’m going to show you other ways we use the All-in-One PC in our house.

HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart AiO PC Apps Video

In the video below, my son shows you some of the ways we have been using the HP ENVY 23 for fun and education.

We have the HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart in our family room where it is easily accessible by everyone.

  • If the kids need to check something for homework, they head straight to the HP ENVY.
  • When we are trying to find a movie to watch, we head straight to the Netflix app on the HP ENVY.
  • When we want to listen to music, we go to the I Heart Radio app on the HP ENVY (and the Beats audio is an added bonus.)
  • When I want to create a personal gift for someone, I head to the Snapfish app on the HP ENVY.

The uses are endless…

HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart AiO giveaway

I love to watch my kids use the touchscreen. They prefer to go to the HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart because it’s more fun. Normally, my kids hate the flashcards, but on the Touchsmart, it’s fun (and they can’t cheat by looking at the answer before trying to answer.)

They also prefer playing games on the Touchsmart over a keyboard and mouse.

When they watch movies on Netflix, they will often pull another app on the side to check things about the movie (or do flashcards while catching up on TV shows.)

My family has really had a lot of fun with the HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart AiO PC and I’m sure we will continue to find ways to use it.

HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart AiO PC Giveaway

Disclosure: I received the HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart AiO & 3 month Netflix subscription as part of the #HPFamilyTime campaign. No other compensation was received. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

For more information about the HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart AiO.

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6 thoughts on “HP ENVY 23 Touchsmart AiO PC And It’s Many Uses #HPFamilyTime

  1. wow! amazing! is this really true? then I swear ill be buying computer items via online starting today! you just can’t save time, effort and patience in buying those computer parts but, you can save more money for a good quality of those. So lovely! now some online shops gives free shipping! hurray! really great!. thanks! 🙂

  2. Wow! It made me envious seeing your kid have so much fun with it! I want this one! This could be a new bonding for the family! Than you for sharing this!

  3. Hi Michelle
    Looks a very up to date bit of kit. It will be interesting to see where these touch screen keyboard devices go whether the keyboard will eventually fade out all together. I doubt it though if you have a tablet that’s fine but with a bigger device where the screen is on a stand of some sort using a keyboard is much more advantageous.

    Thanks lee

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