HP dv6 With AMD A8 Quad-Core Processor & Beats Audio

The new HP dv6 laptop with the AMD A8 quad-core processor and Beats Audio is the perfect desktop replacement laptop.

hp dv6 amd A8 quad-core

As an AMD Tech Mom, I get to test and review some awesome computers and this one has some new features that I am so excited about.

Beats Audio
HP dv6 with 4 Beats Audio speakers.

HP dv6 Stats

Let’s just get some of the important stats out-of-the-way so I can move on to telling you about the fun features I’m excited about.

  • AMD Quad-Core A8-3520M Accelerated Processor (2.5GHz/1.6GHz, 4MB L2 Cache)
  • 640GB Hard Drive
  • 6144MB DDR3 SDRAM (max 16MB)
  • DVD Optical Drive
  • 15.6″ HD BrightView LED Display
  • AMD Radeon HD 6620G Discrete-Class Graphics
  • Beats Audio with 4 speakers
  • 6-cell Lithium-Ion battery (up to 5.75 hours)
  • Built in TrueVision HD webcam.

hp dv6 amd a8

HP dv6 Fun Stuff

Beats Audio

hp dv6 Beats Audio

I am in love with the Beats Audio. The Beats Audio makes my music and movies sound awesome. Playing Sims 3 with the Beats Audio is a lot of fun too.

hp dv6 Beats Audio speakers
Beats Audio speakers on the HP dv6

AMD A8 Quad-Core Processor

The AMD quad-core processor gives the HP dv6 enough power to listen to music, edit a movie and update my blog at the same time. Those are tasks that I often do and the AMD A8 could handle it. I quite often work in bed and with the HP dv6, I didn’t burn my legs or have any hot flashes. The laptop stayed very cool (with HP’s coolsense technology.)

The fingerprint reader is to the right of the A8 sticker and above the Windows 7. That indent is the fingerprint reader.

Fingerprint Reader

The fingerprint reader is a feature that comes in handy when you have hundreds of passwords that you don’t want to remember. It’s also perfect when you have kids because no matter how many times they try, they are not going to figure out how to bypass the fingerprint reader. After I got the hang of the fingerprint reader, I didn’t have any problems with it. I started by moving my finger too slow, but the computer walked me through it.

Keyboard & Touchpad

The HP dv6 has a full keyboard including a number pad. I like the feel of the keys when I’m typing. The touchpad is more sensitive than I’d like and I’m still playing around with the settings to get it right. I love that the touchpad is backlit, I only wish the keyboard was backlit also. It would make the laptop perfect!

hp dv6 keyboard and touchpad

15.6″ Display

The display is small enough so that the laptop is still very portable, yet big enough to be able to easily work on this laptop. The display is very bright and watching HD movies is awesome. I also loved showing slideshows of my pictures on this display. The pictures look awesome too.

hp dv6 display

DVD Drive

Many of the smaller laptops do not have a DVD drive, so that is a huge plus on the HP dv6.

hp dv6 dvd drive
DVD drive
HP dv6
HP dv6 has 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, VGA.
HP dv6 media card reader
5-in-1 digital media card reader on the front of the computer. Makes it real easy to pop the SD card in the slot and upload your pictures.

Final Thoughts on HP dv6

The HP dv6 laptop is perfect for a college student, office on the go and a work-at-home mom because it is light enough to take with you, yet powerful enough to not restrict what you can do. The HP dv6 weighs 6 lbs and is 14.88″ (L) x 9.71″ (W) x 1.39″ (max H). I averaged about 5 hours of battery life.

The HP dv6 with AMD A8 vision technology starts at $499.99 which makes this laptop a great buy.

AMD TechMomDisclosure: As an AMD Tech Mom, I receive compensation in the form of product, money and sponsorships in exchange for my participation as an AMD brand ambassador. I received the HP dv6 in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Let’s Talk About the HP dv6!

Do you own the HP dv6? What are your thoughts on the specs?

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10 thoughts on “HP dv6 With AMD A8 Quad-Core Processor & Beats Audio

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  2. Hello there..
    What’s that wallpaper you have used?
    Btw, GREAT POST. I wished I owned one of those laptops with Beats audio 🙂

    1. The wallpaper is from HP and came with the laptop. They have some really nice looking ones and I love just watching photos on the laptop because they look awesome.

      1. this latop is shit with no solutions of fixing it the only solution is windows 8 wich is dumb none of my ethernet or internet wireless will connect because its stupid laptop sorry i got 1 then 2 months later it stopped connecting so i hat to download a pirated version of windows 8 because thats the only thing that works stupid hp company now im breaking the law because hp cannot help me

      2. I have not had any issues with any of my HP laptops or desktops. We’ve bought HP for many years and we’ve always had good luck. In the early years, the customer service wasn’t helpful, but recently when I’ve had issues, they have always been able to help me.

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  4. Pingback: HP dv6 With AMD A8 Quad-Core Processor & Beats Audio
  5. After looking at this and a few other reviews I know I’m going to love this laptop :3! My dad is getting it for me for graduation and I’ve been looking at reviews ever since. The one thing I’m happy about is the AMD processor. A few other models have intel but . . . I don’t really like Intel all that much and I think this laptop would be better for the gaming I want to do in my spare time :O!

    Also does SIms 3 run well on this? I’m thinking about putting Sims 2 on this (I don’t really like Sims 3, lol)

    1. Congrats on graduation! You are going to love the laptop. I play Sims 3 on mine, so I’m sure Sims 2 will work just fine. My 9 yr old plays a lot of games on it too because he says the games play better on this laptop than the desktop we have.

  6. I saw A6 model on Ebay & wanted to know if these models are fast & great for entertainment.The one i saw had 8gb ram.Procesior is 1.4 & accelerates to 2.4.ghz,IT has quad speakers with beat audio,cooling control,hard drive protection,1080p with blu-ray.All i know is that i want to be careful before i get it.Does anyone thing i should get these models.I know Intel doesn’t build full hd at a great price.Their too expensive.Try Ebay & their at a great deal with insurance.

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