How often are you reading something on your tablet and you want to print it out, but first you have to email it to yourself and then you can print it from your computer? With HP’s ePrint, you can print directly from your tablet or smartphone. How awesome is that?

Print directly from your tablet.

I had the opportunity to give the HP DeskJet 3052A e-All-In-One Printer with ePrint capabilities a spin over the last month. It is a $69 printer available only at Wal-Mart and

hp deskjet 3052a eprint

Why ePrint?

I tested the ePrint with both my iPad & iPhone using the HP ePrint Home & Biz app. I was able to do the following using the app:

  • Take a photo with my iPhone or iPad while away from home and have it print at home on the HP Deskjet (watch the video to see how our family uses this to stay close even when we are apart.)
  • Scan in a document on the HP Deskjet and have it show up in the iPad’s HP ePrint app.
  • While searching the internet for recipes to make for dinner, I sent the recipes from my iPad to the HP Deskjet to print.
  • Search the internet for photos to make flash cards for my son to study for his science and social studies tests and print them directly from the tablet.

Screenprint from HP ePrint iPhone app. Sending photo directly to HP Deskjet.

It was starting to be more like a game with my daughter and I trying to come up with new ways we could use the printer to print.

Email For Your Printer

With ePrint, you will set up an email address for your printer. Keep that in your address book on your tablet and smartphone and you can email anything directly to your printer.

HP Deskjet 3052A Video Review

Being able to print your memories immediately is such an awesome feature. When I’m paper scrapbooking, finding and printing my photos takes the most time. Being able to do it directly from my tablet will save me so much time.

Let’s Talk ABout the HP Deskjet 3052A ePrint Feature!

How would you use the HP ePrint feature?

Disclosure: Through MomSelect, I received the print in exchange for the video and review. All opinions  are 100% my own.