The HP c510 printer is a fabulous printer for both home and business use. If you saw my CES coverage, I wrote about the HP c510 printer. It was one of my top 5 tech finds at CES.

For this review, I’m going to focus on how we used the HP c510 printer at home. I am also not going to list all the features here. You can go to the HP website and read about the features of the HP c510 eStation All-in-One printer. I am going to focus on telling you how well it does all of the different functions and how we used it.

HP c510 printer

Zeen Tablet

As soon as we opened the box, the kids were really excited about the tablet part of the HP c510 printer. I wasn’t sure how we would use it, but after having it for a few months, I can’t imagine living without it. The tablet that you see in the picture above is called the Zeen and it is removable. It is similar to most other tablets where you can download apps, read books, surf the web, etc. We used it most often when we were trying to find certain pictures. I upload most of my pictures to Flickr, so it was real easy to sit down with the Zeen tablet on the couch with my kids and search for the right pictures on Flickr and then print them.

I also liked the large view screen when it was docked on the printer because it was real easy to read when making copies or scanning or printing pictures directly from a camera. The Zeen tablet ended up being a feature that I’m not sure I could live without now. There are fun apps from Disney, Dreamworks, Crayola, PBSkids and HP Crafts that will keep your kids busy for a long time. If you are looking for a recipe, download one of the recipe apps and print right from the app. With the addition of new apps in the future, the uses are endless.

Scanning and Copying

The scanning and copying features came in handy a lot. There are always things that I want to have a copy of and instead of having to scan it in and then open in Photoshop Elements to print, I could just copy right from the printer. The copies that were made from either scanning or copying looked great to me. I scanned in pictures and printed them and I couldn’t tell that they had been scans.


What is ePrinting? You can print straight to this printer from a smartphone or using email. Both my husband and I travel sometimes without the kids and it was a lot of fun to take a picture on my iPhone and email it directly to my printer. The kids were checking the printer whenever I was gone. I found that the pictures looked  best using ePrinting when I just took the picture and emailed. When I would try to make the picture look better, I usually ended up making it look worse. When you set up your printer, HP will walk you through the process of setting up an email address exclusive to your printer. I added that email address as a contact and now I can easily email a picture to my printer.

Here is a video demo of the ePrint feature:

Setting Up the HP c510 Printer

Setting up the HP c510 printer was so easy. The tablet walks you through it step by step and includes videos. I never had to look at the instruction booklet to set it up. Within about 10 minutes I had the printer up and running. I had no problems connecting to our wireless network and we could print from all 6 computers (and all the laptops) in the house.

HP c510 Printer

Overall we have been very happy with our HP c510 Printer. It has replaced several pieces of equipment on the desk. Being a scrapbooker, I’m very picky about my picture quality and I was very happy with the pictures from the HP c510 printer. This is one of those small details, but I really liked being able to see the weather on the home page of the Zeen tablet.

I definitely recommend this printer if you are looking for an All-in-One for your home. The 7-inch Zeen tablet is just an added bonus and definitely comes in handy. The printer retails for $399.99. I did see it on Amazon (affiliate link) for about $280.

Let’s Talk About the HP c510 Printer!

How would you use the tablet and ePrint features of the HP c510 printer?

Disclosure: In exchange for this review, I received the HP c510 printer. All opinions of the HP c510 printer as always are 100% my own.