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How to Use Your iPhone to Program Your TiVo (and watch live or recorded shows from your TiVo on your iPhone/iPad) #TiVoMom #Spon

Today, I’m going to show you how to use your iPhone to program your TiVo using screenshots from an iPhone.

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How to Program Your TiVo With Your iPhone

1. Download the TiVo app from the App Store (or Google Play store for Android.)

How to Program Your TiVo Using Your iPhone #TiVoMom #sponsored

2. Open the app and you can follow the directions on the TiVo site for installation.

TIP: If you want to use the app while you are away from home to watch shows on your TiVo (or live TV,) be sure to set up the offline and away modes too. This can only be done on the iOS app at the moment. You can program the TiVo using the Android app, but not watch live or recorded shows.

Once you’ve gone through the install and you see this screen, you are ready for offline and away mode and can also program your TiVo using your iPhone.

settinng up your tivo to stream on iOS

3. After you click “Done,” click on more at the bottom and you’ll see this screen. Click on “Season Pass Manager.”

How to program your TiVo using Your iPhone #TiVoMom

4. The Season Pass Manager is the same as the Season Pass Manager on TiVo on your TV. Here is where you program which shows are more important, delete shows or update setting to season passes you have set up.

  • The green dot means those shows will not be deleted unless I delete them
  •  “Keep 10” means TiVo will keep at least 10 shows from that series
  • new only” then it will only record new shows and no repeats

How to program your TiVo using Your iPhone #TiVoMom

4. Click on Guide at the bottom if you want to see what is on now or you know the time and day the show is on that you want to record. In this example, I went to today’s shows at 9:00 pm. The numbers along the right side are for the channels. You can also use the search, the magnify glass, at the top next to the word, Guide.

I’m going to set up “Modern Family” to record on my TiVo, so I clicked on Modern Family (click on the show you want to record.)

How to program your TiVo using Your iPhone #TiVoMom

5. The information for Modern Family comes up. To set it up to record, Click on Record and set up the options you would like or find out more about the show.

  • Upcoming will show you all the shows that are coming up in the next few weeks (new and repeats.)
  • Explore will give you information about the series, cast, crew, and other shows you may like if you like this one.
  • More allows you to share this on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Watch on iPhone/iPad. If the show you are looking at is on now, then you will see this and you can watch it from your iPhone or iPad.

How to program your TiVo using Your iPhone #TiVoMom

These are the options you can choose when setting up to record a show. If you record the season it’s a Season Pass.

How to program your TiVo using Your iPhone #TiVoMom

6. To delete shows or change settings to shows that are on your TiVo, go to “My Shows.” These are the shows that are on my TiVo now.

TIP: If you click “On iPhone” you will see the shows that you have downloaded. This is great for catching up on TV when you are flying.

How to program your TiVo using Your iPhone #TiVoMom

7.  Under More, there is also a “To Do List” showing you the shows that will record in the next few weeks. If there are any conflicts, you can take care of that here.

How to program your TiVo using Your iPhone #TiVoMom

8. At the top right, there is a circle that looks like a steering wheel. If you click that, you will get this screen which looks like your TiVo remote. you can control your TiVo with this remote.

How to program your TiVo using Your iPhone #TiVoMom; TiVo remote on iPhone


Now go get your iPhone and try it out yourself Do you use your iPhone to program your TiVo? Love it or hate it?

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