Heading to #CES2017

I’ll be heading to CES this week. I haven’t been to CES in 3 years. The last two years, I had plans to go and had to back out at the last-minute due to unexpected surgeries in December. But this year, even though I had another unexpected surgery, (another story) I am going.

I’m really excited to a lot of the following companies and gadgets:

Smart Home Devices – We have started to buy a lot of the new smart home devices for our own home, so I can’t wait to check out the new devices.

Wearables – I’m a sucker for a good fitness wearable. I think I’ve tested just about every one ever made. I’m sure there is a lot of new wearables coming out this year.

BitdefenderBOX – I’m working with BitdefenderBOX on a CES campaign. I have their current unit at home and I can’t wait to see the second generation.

TVs – I always love to see how they make the TVs better. Just when I think there is nothing else I need added to my TV, they come up with a feature I didn’t know I needed.

Virtual Reality – This is my new love. I tried a few virtual reality glasses in NYC in November and now I’m hooked.

Drones – I bought a drone last year and it is so much fun. It’s taking my memory keeping to a new level. Can’t wait to see what the new drones will do.

Those are just a few of the things I’m planning to see this week. Follow me on my social network sites while I’m there. I’ll be writing a post-CES post to let you know all the cool things I saw.

Let me know what you thought!!

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