Do you have a friend with Fibromyalgia or any chronic illness? This gift list has products that I have personally tried myself. Since I have Fibromyalgia, I’m writing from experience. 

I will explain why each of these gifts is good for someone with a chronic illness. I did receive some of the gifts to test out before including them in my gift guide. Amazon affiliate links are also included in this gift guide. 

1. Lenovo Legion Y730 15″

The Lenovo Legion Y730 laptop with a 15″ screen is a powerful laptop. At under 5 lbs, it is still portable and is powerful enough for gaming. You will be able to use it for browsing, watching movies, gaming, email and much more. It can handle pretty much anything you need to do.

Having a reliable and powerful laptop is a good thing for someone with a chronic illness. We have a lot of downtime and a laptop like this will give us many options for activities we can do. 

2. FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike

The FlexiSpot Desk Bike is my favorite exercise machine now that I have a chronic illness. It’s comfortable and my favorite part of it is that I can put my laptop or iPad on the desktop and either work or watch something while I’m exercising. 

When you have a chronic illness, you can not exercise a lot, but I try to do even 5-10 minutes on good days. Keeping active is important. 

3. Harmony Elite Remote

The Harmony Elite remote by Logitech is a lifesaver for me. Logitech sent me the remote to try out and I’m not sure how I’ve gotten by without it. On bad days, finding the right remote seems difficult. 

The Harmony replaced 4 different remotes that we were using in our bedroom. It’s so easy now. I grab one remote, press Watch TV or Watch Movie and I’m there. Turn the volume up or down with the same remote. 

And on the really bad days, the remote works with Alexa and Google so I can just ask Alexa to change my TV channel. 

4. Logitech Circle 2

The Logitech Circle security camera can give you peace of mind. It can be scary when you have a chronic illness and you are in bed and you hear noises either outside or downstairs. Or even if the doorbell rings and you need to know before you get out of bed whether it’s worth getting out of bed for this visitor. 

The Logitech Circle can be used either indoors or outdoors. We placed ours on the mantle and I can see all of the downstairs and the front door. When I hear noises, I just go to the app and see who or what is making the noise. We have security cameras set up around our home so I feel safer when I’m here. 

5. Altigo Chargers

The Altigo chargers will keep your devices charged up all day. Out and about visiting all your doctors? Don’t worry about your phone battery dying. Any of the Altigo chargers will keep your phone charged. 

To someone with Fibromyalgia, the phone is a lifeline I keep all the information for all my doctors and all my health history on my phone. When I’m at the ddoctor’s I need the phone to answer a lot of the questions. I’d be lost if my phone battery died. 

Altigo has a charger for your needs. Whether you want to keep an iPhone, Android phone, table or laptop charged, you will find what you need.

6. Rocketbook Notebook

The Rocketbook notebook is not an ordinary notebook. Write on each page like an ordinary notebook, but after that, you can do so much more. Use your phone to capture each page and store in Evernote, OneNote and more. 

Then, when the notebook is filled…..wipe it clean and use it again. Each notebook comes with a pen that is specifically designed to work with the notebook. You will never run out of notebooks. 

If you prefer to write all your health history out, but want to still have it with you, this is perfect. I received the laptop to test out for my gift guide. 

7. iPad Pro

I love my iPad Pro . I use it to work, watch movies, play games, take notes, edit videos and so much more. If you have a friend who is in school and has a chronic illness, the iPad Pro is perfect. 

There are apps to help you record a lecture and you can write with the Apple Pencil and take notes at the same time. My daughter who is college uses her iPad Pro for that purpose and she loves it. 

8. Netflix

A Netflix gift card is always welcome. There are days where we are too exhausted or in pain and we spend the day in bed watching Netflix. Watching movies or binge watching TV shows takes our minds off the pain and into another world. 

9. FabFitFun

This gift is a bit of a splurge. I love getting a quarterly box of gifts. I never know what will be in each box, but it’s always something I need or want even if I didn’t know I needed or wanted it. I’ve never been disappointed. 

You get one box every 3 months and there are over $200 worth of goodies. I’ve received bags, blankets, scarves, makeup, skin care products, jewelry, water bottles, snacks and so much more. 

10. Jam City Games

Jam City Games offers several game apps that you can play on an iPhone or Android phone. When you have a chronic illness, you spend a lot of time at the doctor’s office or getting tests done or laying in bed trying to feel better. I have been hooked on several of the Jam City games. It helps the time go by faster when I’m waiting and if my pain level is high, it also helps me think about something other than my pain. So, an iTunes or Google Play gift card would be a welcome gift. 

Any of these gifts will be helpful to someone with Fibromyalgia or any chronic illness. I am having surgery tomorrow, so I know I will be using a lot of these gifts in the coming weeks since I’ll have a lot of downtime. 

Do you have any other ideas of gifts for those with Fibromyalgia? Leave your ideas in the comments below. 

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