Keep Track of Gift Card Balance With Post-it® Flags

Keep track of gift card balance

Keep track of gift card balance

Are you have to constantly looking up the balance of the gift card? I hate doing that. I guess my daughter does too.

Post-it® Flag With Gift Card Balance

The other day, I noticed some Post-it® flags sticking out of her wallet (affiliate link.) I looked closer and realized she had put the balance of the gift card on the small flag. How brilliant!

post-it flags on gift cards

Why brilliant?

  • The Post-it® flags are very small, so they don’t add any bulk to your wallet
  • The Post-it® flags are small enough to carry extra with you so you can add new ones to a new gift card
  • Post-it® flags can be seen from behind. They are not completely see-thru, but you can tell there is another one behind if you have a lot.
  • Post-it® flags are sticky, so they won’t fall off
  • Post-it® flags are colorful so they are also fun

Thank you Sami for the idea.

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No, this was not a sponsored post. I have no relationship with Post-it. I wrote this because I thought it was a brilliant idea.

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  • Such a simple and useful idea. I sometimes write on the back of the cards, but pen won’t work on it, so I always have to search for a Sharpie and sometimes it will rub off.

  • It’s not as quick as the tabs, but I use a label maker to stick on the remaining balance. The tabs are quicker, but you run the risk of them peeling off.

    Or if I’ve been a little wild with a credit card, I’ll also use the label maker to stick on a “do not use” .. until I’ve paid my balance 😉


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