I never thought too much about how important light bulbs are to my office and my bedroom (or any other room for that matter.) That is until I was sent the GE Reveal® light bulbs and was challenged to makeover a room with the new light bulbs.

GE reveal light bulbs


GE reveal light bulbs


A Little Bit About GE reveal® Light Bulbs

  • GE reveal® light bulbs come in various size and options.
  • Available in energy-efficient halogen and compact fluorescents and LEDs were just released
  • New reveal® LED bulbs will filter out yellow rays and enhance the colors you have in your home

I can tell you all day about how well the GE reveal® light bulbs get rid of the yellow in your house but I think it’s better to show you. First I’ll start with the GE photos:

GE before and after

GE reveal light bulbs


My GE reveal® Light Bulb Makeover

I chose to makeover my office and bedroom lighting. My office is where I take a lot of my photos for my blog and they do often turn out yellowish. Here is  the before and after of my office. I did not adjust the photos in any way other than to size them for uploading.

GE reveal before office


And here is the after photo.

GE reveal after office


There is a big difference in the coloring. The before photo definitely looks more yellow. I was only sent 4 bulbs and that lamp takes 5, so in the after photo, there is one less bulb.

And here is the makeover of my bedroom.

GE reveal before bedroom

And after I changed the bulb to the GE reveal® light bulb. This makeover was interesting because the room and the lampshade have a lot of yellow tones in them so I was very curious about how it would work.

GE reveal makeover after bedroom


You can see that the light coming from the lamb is a lot less yellow, so everything around it looks brighter and more crisp.

GE reveal® Light Bulb Makeover Results

In both cases, I saw that using the GE reveal® bulbs made the room appear brighter and the colors were more white. The photos seem more crisp and less blurry in the after photos. I used the same camera for the before and after, so the light bulb seems to have made a difference.

Here is a video to show more makeover results:

For More Information About GE reveal® Light Bulbs

Disclosure: I was sent a 4-pack of GE reveal® light bulbs to do my lighting makeover. All opinions are 100% my own. No other compensation was received.

Do you think about how lighting will affect the colors in a room? Have you tried the GE reveal® light bulbs and what were your thoughts?