Future of Technology in Video

My husband sent me a video about Microsoft’s vision of the future in technology and before I knew it, I had spent an hour watching the future of technology in video on YouTube. Most of the videos are from Microsoft, but I just had a lot of fun looking at the technology. Ten years ago I probably would have said, “no way.” But now I can totally see some of this really happening. So exciting!!!

Future of Technology

Here is the one my husband originally sent me which started this journey.

This one is a parody of the above video, but I found it humorous.

This one shows the future of technology in healthcare. I love the meds reminder. I could use that one.

This one is Windows in Home future of technology. I don’t get the ghost images of the people. Anyone explain that to me?

Next is Microsoft’s Vision of the future of technology in retail. This checkout is awesome. Imagine that with little kids. Love that they are at Target!

I have shared this one before, but I wanted to put it here with all the other future of technology videos. This is the future in glass by Corning!

This next one shows a vision of the future of technology in productivity. Mostly it revolves around work, but I love that kitchen wall calendar. I want that in my kitchen now.

Next, we have a Cisco video showing the future of technology and shopping. Love the “no fitting room” concept.

Those are the interesting videos I found on the future of technology.

Let’s Talk About the Future of Technology!

Let me know if you have found another video. I love watching these. visions. What did you think was the coolest technology in the videos?


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