My husband sent me this, “A Day Made of Glass… Made Possible by Corning” video. Watch the video above  which shows one view of the future of technology (can’t see video? Go to A Day Made of Glass post.)

Future of Technology Thoughts

What are your thoughts on the future of technology? Obviously I’m a geek since that’s what I write about so for me, all these things that work automatically and are built into mirrors, walls and appliances is really cool. I would love to talk on the video phone that is built into my countertop.

But what intrigues me the most is how everything works together. The call started on the phone and moved to the counter. If there is anything that would hold us back in technology, I do believe it’s that. I would like to see more standard, but I know that takes time.

Heck, we had VHS and beta and now we have DVDs. I realize standardization takes time.

Fingerprints and Glare

And my big concern? Cleaning all that glass. Can you imagine having so much glass that everyone is touching all the time? I hope the future of technology includes glass that is resistant to fingerprints.

And what about the glare? I’m not putting a screen cover on my fridge like I do on my iPhone?

I would like to be able to answer my email while I’m brushing my teeth without having to bring my laptop into the bathroom. Don’t laugh! I know you have too!!

future of technology

I do know that glass can be made to be really tough, even Gorilla tough while still being beautiful.

Let’s Talk About the Future of Technology!

What are your thoughts on the video? How about using glass for everything? What is your vision of the future of technology?