future of technologyThe future of technology. With Steve Jobs stepping down from Apple, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of technology, in particular the future of technology companies.

Future of Apple

First order of business, will Apple survive without Jobs? I know that Apple will survive. My hope is that Jobs has put enough of his “whatever it is that makes him a tech god” into the company. I am both a Mac and PC geek, but gosh darn it, Apple sure does know how to make technology sexy. I hope they continue to go above and beyond what all imagine they will do. They have forced other tech companies to think outside the box and make a product that people want. I believe that will continue.

Predicting the Future of Technology

Predicting successes and failures in the future of technology is no easy task. A few months ago if you asked me if Netflix was going anywhere I would have said, “no way.” They have positioned themselves to take streaming media head on and have mastered the DVD rental realm. But today, I’m not so sure. Netflix was a service I never imagined living without. Now I’m hoping I can figure out a solution so I can get rid of my Netflix service.

I find it easier to predict the future of technology in general than in companies specifically. (Yep, easy way out!) There doesn’t seem to be an easy formula for tech companies to succeed. What works for Facebook (completely changing it’s service without much notice), obviously doesn’t work well for Netflix.

Some companies can create demand for a new product (Apple and the iPad) where others are better off sticking with upgrading their current products (Microsoft and it’s tablet a few years ago.)

Secret to Surviving

I do know that if a company is going to survive the fast changing tech world, they need to be ahead of the technology changes and have a plan to weather the storms. As I tell my kids, making mistakes and failing are not bad. You need to learn from those mistakes, make changes and move on. Failing means you learned what doesn’t work. Now figure out what does work!


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Let’s Talk About the Future of Technology!

Which tech companies do you think will survive the future of technology? Which tech companies will not be around in the future of technology?