My First Impressions of the HP Envy Laptop #IfItCanGame [Sponsored]

AMD Face Login

I’m going to jump right in because there is one feature that at first seems like a feature you wouldn’t use often, BUT once you do…you are hooked. AMD sent me an HP Envy m6 Sleekbook laptop (that’s the disclosure) and installed AMD Face Login software for me. OMG!!!! I love it!

AMD Face Login

Why AMD Face Login is So Cool?

Let me first explain a typical day at my house. I’m work from home and I have 4 kids. Even when they are not here, I have laundry and dishes and cooking and cleaning and errands and so much more to do in addition to my work.

I sit at my computer and work.

Working on HP Envy with AMD

Laundry buzzes.

Get up and change the laundry.

Sit down to work again and need to log back in.

Type the password wrong.

Type it in again.

Phone rings.

Answer it.

Get back to my computer.

Need to log in again.

Typing too fast and type it wrong.

Type it again. Work.

Kids home from school.

Talk with kids about school day and homework.

Kids start homework.

I work on my computer at the kitchen table.

AMD Face Login on HP Envy

Need to log back in again.

Kids need help with homework.

Get back to my computer.

Need to log back in again. 

And I think you get the picture. This plays out all day long.

AMD Face Login

Why do I have my computer set up to need a login after a minute away from my computer?

Because I have 4 kids. They are good kids, but I know that when I tell them they shouldn’t be watching that 1 YouTube video, THAT is the video they want to watch.

We all have a login for Windows that can be used on any Windows machine in our house. I can be sure that my younger kids will not have access to things I don’t want them seeing. I control what they see and when they can be on the computers. But, that means we all need to log in after a minute away from the computer.

AMD Face Login

With the Face Login software, I sit down and it immediately recognizes me and logs me in. I love it. It seems like a small feature, but I’m so excited about it.

Other Cool HP Envy Features

I also love that the laptop is sleek and thin and I get about 4-5 hours of battery life depending on what I’m doing (mostly video & photos.)

HP Envy sleek thin laptop

The laptop is very portable (5.5 lbs), yet has a large enough screen (15.6″) so I can easily do 2 things at once. With the AMD A10 chip in it, it’s fast enough for me to work with videos and photos and still be able to check email. Often when I’m multitasking on other computers, there is lag time and I didn’t find that with this laptop so far.

HP Envy large 15.6 screen

If It Can Game Pinterest Board

Here is a link to my If It Can Game Pinterest Board. I’m working with AMD in May to show you that if the laptop can game, it can also keep up with my digital scrapbooking and massive photo collection.
Follow Michele McGraw, Scraps of My Geek Life’s board If It Can Game on Pinterest.How could the Face Login help you? Have you tried Face Login before? Don’t forget to pin this post!

Disclosure: As part of the #IfItCanGame campaign, AMD sent me the HP Envy sleekbook. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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