Don’t Forget The Energizer MAX® Batteries #StillGoing

Energizer MAX batteries; Don't forget the batteries when holiday shopping.

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Batteries Not Included! Dreaded words we see every year during the holidays. When we forget to buy those batteries, it can ruin the day. We have learned the hard way that the best option is to be sure to have all needed batteries on hand so we aren’t left with a useless gadget as a gift. 

Energizer MAX batteries; Don't forget the batteries when holiday shopping.

Why Energizer MAX® Batteries?

Energizer MAX® batteries will give your gadgets and toys the longest battery life available. The newest Energizer MAX® batteries last 30% longer than the previous version. 

Being the tech family that we are, we purchase gadgets as gifts often. We always check what batteries are needed and purchase the Energizer MAX® batteries immediately. Plus we try to keep them stocked up at home. 

Don't forget the Energizer MAX batteries

My husband prefers them to any other battery in his DSLR camera because the batteries protect against leakage, can be stored up to 10 years without losing power and he gets more flashes per each battery than any other battery he has tried.

These things are important because:

  1. Battery leakage can ruin a device. Have you ever opened up the battery cover and had the rusty corroded gunk all over the batteries and your device is ruined? That is leakage. The Energizer MAX® batteries protect against that battery leakage.
  2. Shelf life is important if you want to keep batteries on hand. I hate when I go to get a battery and realize it’s been in my closet so long that it doesn’t work anymore. The Energizer MAX® batteries have a 10-year shelf life so unless you wait 20 years to use the battery, your batteries will still have power. 
  3. When using the flash on his DSLR camera, he gets more flash cycles per battery. That means each battery is lasting him longer. Flash can go through batteries very quickly, so this is very important and he only uses Energizer MAX® batteries for his flash.

As you can see, the type of batteries you purchase is as important as buying the batteries. 


TIP: Check For Batteries As You Wrap Gifts

As you are wrapping your gifts, check each one to see if batteries are needed. Then go to the Energizer batter page and purchase your batteries online. They make great stocking stuffers too. 

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Disclosure: This is an Energizer MAX® sponsored post. I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own

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