How to Embed Getty Images for Free

How to embed getty images for free

How to embed getty images for free

Do you have a hard time finding good photos for your blog posts? Do you know how to embed Getty Images for free on your blog? Getty Images made it easier for you to add their stock images to your posts. They have included embed codes for thousands of their photos, so you can add the photo and it will look like this:


Should You Embed The Getty Images

Before I show you how to add the embedded Getty stock photo to your blog, let me explain the pros and cons of using the photos.


  • You have access to thousands of photos for your blog including news stories and recent events.
  • The photos will be professional.
  • Getty is giving you permission to embed the photos into your blog. Be sure to read the Terms.
  • Copyright information added below the photo you when you embed it.
  • Photos are easy to embed.


  • Getty may put ads on the photos if they choose to in the future (and my guess is they will.)
  • Photos can not be used as featured images.
  • You can not change the size or alter the photo in any way (width is 507 pixels.)
  • If someone shares the photo, it is linked to the Getty Images page, not your blog post.
  • Can not be used to create Pinterest-worthy images to share.
  • If you want to make any changes to the image, you will need to purchase it.

How to Embed Getty Images

In order to embed an image, you will need to create an account by registering on the home page.

register for a getty images account

To search for a photo, type keywords into the search field (as shown in the photo below.) Click on the green magnify glass to search for the photos.

search for Getty Images

Here is what your search results will look like:

searching for getty images

  • Pink Arrow – You can narrow your search to royalty-free, no nudity and a few others
  • Orange Arrow – If you are looking for images from recent news stories, you may want to search for the “Newest” images.
  • Blue Arrow – This will help you narrow down what you want the image to look like. If you are searching for people, you can narrow it to the number of people, age groups, etc.
  • Green Arrow – As you are searching, you may want to gather images and then decide which will work best. Add photos to a Lightbox by clicking on the + underneath the photos (see green arrow in image below.) Here you see which Lightbox is current.

When you mouse over a photo, you get a larger view of the image. You can get the embed code from here by clicking on the “<->” button (orange arrow.)

mouseover getty image

If you double-click on the image, you will find more information about the image, the photography and the prices to buy the image. The pink arrow is pointing to the embed code button.

more information about the image

Click on the that embed button and here you can copy the embed code to paste into your post. Be sure to read the Terms before you use the photo.

copy the embed code

When you paste the image into your WordPress blog, be sure to add it to the Text tab.


And this is what the final embed will look like on your blog:


Using Getty Images on Your Blog

I will not use Getty Images a lot on my blog because I like to use larger images. I also do not want to give up all my images to ads. But, I will use them if I’m talking about an event like the Oscars or the Olympics or other news story where I can not take my own photos.

There may be times when I’m looking for a particular photo to make a point and I will use the Getty Images as another resource. I do think it’s a good thing that Getty is making the images available legally.

Will you use Getty Images on your blog? What are your thoughts on Getty making the images available to embed?


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  • This is really a great news for Bloggers. But if you read their terms they have mentioned that an image currently which has embed code can be pulled off in future? What will happen for the articles which has referenced those images? will they appear blank?

    • That is another downside to using the embedded images. I’m not sure if there will be a blank spot or a notice that the image has been removed.

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