Updated 2015 Editorial Calendar Available!

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UPDATED TO 2014 Editorial Calendar Template 

As part of my goals this year, I wanted to create a calendar to keep my future posts and due dates organized. I searched online for an editorial calendar template (download link) to fill-in-the-blanks and be done. I did find some, but nothing that was really simple, yet creative and fun. I liked the basics of this editorial calendar by Alan Peterson of Internet Marketing Nirvana, but it was for 2010, so I created a new editorial calendar.

editorial calendar template 2013

Editorial-Calendar-Template 2013 (download link)


Updated 2015 Editorial Calendar Available!

Editorial Calendar Template Yearly Format

The editorial calendar template is for 2014 and color coded by month. The colors match my tabs in my binder where I keep all my information for my business each month. I also like the way the colors look. It is easy for me to see where each month is and I can look at the year in terms of weeks or months.

editorial calendar template closeup

Above is a closer view and you can see that I have Post Topic and Month Topic. The Post Topic are my weekly posts. I have a loose system of writing certain types of posts on certain days like this:

  • Sunday – Scrapbook Layouts
  • Monday – Write about websites, software and/or apps
  • Tuesday – Tech Tuesday
  • Wednesday – Wordless Wednesday, Quotes
  • Thursday – List Day & Book Reviews
  • Friday – Friday Fun & Goals updates
  • Saturday – Project 365 Updates

editorial calendare template

Month Topics look like this;

  • January – Organization
  • February – Relationships
  • March – Healthy Lifestyle
  • April – Career
  • May – Spiritual
  • June – Recreation
  •  July – Finances
  • August – Me Time
  • September – Education
  • October – Hobbies
  • November – Family
  • December – Balancing It All

If you don’t have weekly or monthly post topics, you can remove those sections.

Editorial Calendar Monthly Format

The 2014 calendar will have a separate file available next week for the monthly format seen below. It will be available as a freebie to newsletter subscribers. The second spreadsheet shows one month per page as seen below. editorial calendar 2012 month view I created the second version because I wanted more room to write in my blog posts. The full year on one page is great for me to see what the different topics are each month and as an overview.

editorial calendare month view

My monthly editorial calendar.


Now, you have the editorial calendar template, here are a few posts to help you set it up.

Editorial Calendar Download

Updated 2015 Editorial Calendar Available! (download link)

Let’s Talk About Your Editorial Calendar!

Do you have an editorial calendar? Do you stick to the calendar or is it just a loose guide?