ebay logoAre you a Dad who would like to get a gift for Father’s Day that you want? Create your own #eBayDad wish list collectionI wrote this blog post as part of my collaboration with eBay.

My eBay Dads Collections

Dad’s Day Handy Man eBay Collection

My Dad has always been a very handy Dad. When we needed a new kitchen, he built one. When I moved back home after college and there were no more bedrooms in the house, he built me one in the basement.

ebaydad handy man collection

The first is my eBay Dad Handy Man Collection, which is in honor of my Dad and all the building and fixing he did for me.

  • My Dad always had a cabinet where he kept all of his tools so he knew where they were.
  • Having a power drill is a must if you are a Dad. I used my Dad’s a lot when I would put together shelves that I bought at IKEA.
  • Dads are handy with dinner too, so a charcoal grill is always a good gift (especially if you love steak on the grill.)

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Dad’s Day Electronics eBay Collection

The second list is my eBay Dad Electronics Collection. Some of the items are needs and some are wants, but they all serve a purpose.

My Dad was also the photographer of the family and loved technology. That tech gene was definitely passed down to me. Many of the items in my electronics collection remind me of my Dad.ebaydad electronics collection

  • Dads need to have an awesome camera so he can capture all the moments of our lives.
  • Kids getting too loud? Block out the noise with an awesome pair of noise canceling headphones.
  • When Dad is building and fixing, he can use a small portable speaker and listen to some great tunes.
  • At the end of the day, when everyone is asleep, Dad can catch up on the news or read a book on his tablet.

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Disclosure: I wrote this blog post as part of my collaboration with eBay. All opinions are my own. I created my own collections.