Digital Storytelling; Capturing The Story Of My Geek Life

digital storytelling; capturing my digital life

My blog gives you bits and pieces of my life through the stories that I choose to tell you. But, do you know why I blog, why I love scrapbooking, why I love taking photos and videos and why I love telling stories? Let me tell you!

digital storytelling capture story

Digital Storytelling

I have been capturing the stories for many years. When I was a teenager, I captured the stories using several big huge scrapbooks. I cut out pictures and words from magazines and use rubber cement to put them in the scrapbook.

telling stories about products

The marketing world is starting to figure out that telling stories around their brand goes a lot further than telling us what it does. We can relate to the stories of how a product is going to improve our lives and how others are using the product.
digital storytelling; capturing my digital lifeOnce I discovered digital scrapbooking and combined it with my LOVE of technology with my passion for telling stories, I was hooked. The transition to blogging was next…

Blogging Stories

It was very natural for me to usestories in my blog. I want you to know how the technology is going to make your life better. The best way to do that is to tell you the story of how it is making my life better. Hence, my tag line….Enhance Your Life With Technology.

capturing digital stories my digital life

I look at each post as a story just like each scrapbook page is a story. The medium is different, but the goal is the same.

Capturing My Story

Back in January, Adobe spent a day with me and my family capturing a “day in the life of the McGraw family.”  As you can see from the photos on this page, we spent the day with cameras in our face. I have a new-found respect for reality stars. It’s not that easy!!

digital storytelling

Why did they want to capture my story? I use Adobe Photoshop Elements to fix my photos and create my scrapbook pages. Those pages are how I tell my family’s story.

Story Of My Geek Life

Adobe captured my story in this 3 minute video.

I am really proud of this video. I did not create the video, but I feel like it does an awesome job of capturing my family and what is important to me. I am the Family Memory Keeper!

adobe photoshop elements digital storytelling

You can see how Adobe is using the video on the Photoshop Elements 10 page.

capturing everyday stories

The crew filming homework time. This is how it looked most of the day. Several cameras and mics in our face while we tried to be natural.

This video will be so much fun in 20 years when I show my grandchildren.

Telling My Story

You are going to see a lot more of me in the role as the Family Memory Keeper or Chief Memory Officer (my official title) showing you how to capture the stories of your family. capturing digital stories

Let’s Talk About Digital Storytelling!

How do you capture your family’s stories? What would you like to know more about?

Disclosure: I was compensated for the use of my family for 16 hours one day in January. All opinions are 100% my own. This is a pretty good representation of a typical day in my house (minus the yelling.) 


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  • My Mom used to very into scrapbooking in the traditional sense and would dedicate hours and hours on end to putting together books of myself and my two sisters. As teenagers, we thought she was wasting her time but now, looking back on those scrapbooks she created is a wonderful way to remember our past and hers.

    I know digital scrapbooking is climbing in popularity, I just hope though that people don’t ever lose touch completely with the traditional, hands-on approach that can be past on through generations 🙂


    • Thank you for sharing the story about how you have grown to love the scrapbooks your mom made for you. I do mostly digital scrapbooking now because I can scrapbook anywhere, but I still have a room full of paper scrapbooking supplies and will still get my hands dirty crafting.

  • It is really interesting to get an inner view of your working process, and I bet it isn’t as easy as it sounds… You have to be a photographer, a graphic designer, a writer and a blogger as well. (In some cases you have to be a SEO technician as well). That is a very hard way to make a living, I totally respect you for doing that with so much passion. I am a newbie to the blogger scene, but I really like the way you are doing this blogging business, it’s very inspirational.

  • Hello! This was a great post. very beautiful! I have also loved story telling always and keep my digital scrapbook with me always.

  • Hi Michele. I just want to say that you have a lovely family. You are surrounded with so much love, you can see it in the eyes of your children. To answer your question, I am the one responsible with keeping and “telling” the family story through pictures and movies.

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