It’s no secret that I am a HUGE Diet Coke fan. Here is a picture of me right now.

Last year, Diet Coke had a big 29th Birthday surprise for me which kind of turned out not so great, but I have stuck with it and still drink my Diet Coke (and quite proud of it.)

This year, Diet Coke is turning 30 and surprising fans with 30 second birthday parties like this one in the video.

Now that looks like tons of fun!! So, Happy Birthday Diet Coke!

diet coke 30 sec birthday party

We sure have been through a lot together. We started in my teens and have gone through lost loves, finding love, sharing Diet Coke with my love, getting married, having 4 kids and now I’ve passed on my love for Diet Coke to my kids.

Here is to another 30 awesome years!!!

So, from July 29 through August 1, fans will be able to tweet @DietCokeUS to ask for a 30 second party, and they will select a number of winners each day to receive a birthday surprise of their own.

I think I deserve one of those 30 second parties! What do you think?