This is a sponsored post. 

The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook is like no other laptop I’ve seen yet. Since I’m always on-the-go, mobility is my #1 priority when looking for a laptop. What makes this one different? There are three features that stand out for me.

  • The infinity screen
  • The battery life
  • Smallest 13-inch on the planet!

The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook fits your mobile lifestyle. It is the smallest 13-inch on the planet. Fits the size of an 11-inch laptop. Weighing 2.6 lbs, it is light enough to carry around. With up to 11 hours of battery-life, the XPS 13 will last all day too. #XPS @Dell @Intel

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook in Pictures

Let’s start by looking at some photos. The XPS has all the features of a full laptop, but yet it’s compact enough to fit into a purse and light enough at 2.6 lbs to carry with you all day.

The Dell XPS 13 from @Dell with @Intel inside. Packs a punch with an infinity screen and up to 11 hours of battery life.

The infinity screen (think infinity pool with no edges) goes from edge to edge so a 13.3 inch screen fits in the size of an 11 inch Ultrabook.

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook with infinity screen. A 13 inch screen in an 11 inch Ultrabook. #XPS

When closed, the XPS has a sleek and stylish look. One thing I love is that fingerprints don’t show up on the aluminum outside. Believe me, I tried. I hate that look of smudgy fingerprints all over my nice sleek laptop.

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook with sleek outside (which doesn't show fingerprints.) #XPS

You will notice that at the back of the XPS, it is wider than at the front. This allows for the needed USB, SD card slot, headphone jack and even lights to show the battery life.

Dell XPS 13 side view of closed Ultrabook. #XPS

Dell XPS 13 side view with USB slot, headphone jack & battery lights. #XPS

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook side view with USB and SD card slot. #XPS

Dell XPS 13 Mobility

The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook is compact as I said earlier (smallest 13-inch on the planet,) but it still has a full keyboard and I had no problems using the keys.

Dell XPS 13 back-lit keyboard #XPS

The keyboard is back-lit so when you touch a key, lights underneath the keys light up. It’s great for working in bed (which of course I “never” do ::insert wink::)

Dell XPS 13 with Windows 8 and full back-lit keyboard. #XPS

With a battery that lasts up to 11 hours and a small compact battery charger (extra accessory,) the XPS should be able to power my day.

Working on the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook #XPS

Over the next month, I’ll be using the Dell XPS 13 as my primary laptop. I tend to use a laptop at home a lot because I move around the house all day.

Checking email on the Dell XPS13 #XPS

I start in the kitchen in the morning as the kids get ready for school,  to my office, to the family room to catch up on the news during the day, back to the kitchen after school. Then it’s to the car and activities and back to the kitchen, the family room and finally working in bed.

Fixing photos using PS Express on the Dell XPS 13. #XPS

I will show you how the XPS fits into my daily life and how I used the accessories that I received with the Dell XPS.

Dell XPS 13 working with my tea by my side. #XPS

Be sure to check out the Dell XPS 13 page to see all the features and accessories.

Tell me in the comments what you look for in a mobile laptop? What features are important to you? I’ll test those out during he next month and report back here with my findings. 

Disclosure: This is a Dell sponsored post. I received the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook and accessories in exchange for this series. All opinions are my own.