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Day in the Life Of My HP Chromebook #HPChromebook

In order to put the HP Chromebook to the test, I spent a full day with it. Here is what my day with the HP Chromebook looked like.

HP Chromebook at 7:00 am

Morning gets off with a bang. The kids get up and I’m checking the weather and email as I keep the kids focused on their tasks.

Breakfast With My HP Chromebook

HP Chromebook at 9:00 am

After breakfast and a quick run, I get myself ready. While I’m drying my hair, I will check out some of the latest headlines on our local news website.

Getting ready with my HP Chromebook.

HP Chromebook at Noon

I did a few hours of work and then I was hungry for lunch. The Chromebook kept me company while I made lunch and worked.

Lunch with my HP Chromebook

Just in case I didn’t mention it yet…I have not plugged the laptop in yet. I had it plugged in all night, but so far so good today.

HP Chromebook at 2:00 pm

Before the kids come start invading my house, I have a cup of tea and a snack while I’m working. It’s my last bit of peace before the day gets very chaotic.

Afternoon tea with my HP Chromebook

HP Chromebook at 4:00 pm

It’s light enough for me to take it with me to my son’s TaeKwonDo.

HP Chromebook on the go

HP Chromebook at 6:00 pm

While the kids are doing homework, I start dinner. We have the Chromebook out and either I’m working or they are using it for homework. I also use it to look up something if I need a measurement conversion or I forget how long to cook the meat.

Cooking with the HP Chromebook.

HP Chromebook at 8:00 pm

Finally sitting down to watch a bit of TV and do some shopping.

Shopping With the HP Chromebook

 Goodnight HP Chromebook

This evening I did take the Chromebook with me to bed. I don’t usually do that, but I wanted to see how long it would last. I did need to plug it in while watching the news.

Goodnight HP Chromebook

That was a full day with the HP Chromebook. I had no problems doing my work and play during the day.

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