This week I’m going to show you some of the awesome gadgets I found at CES. I’m hoping to get an opportunity to try some of these out and give you full reviews.

CYDLEMy first find is actually a company that has a few really cool products coming out this spring. I had never heard of Cydle before their PR person contacted me and I’m so glad she did. Cydle is a mobile consumer electronics company with some awesome mobile products. Here is a quick overview.

M7 Multipad Tablet PC – There were a lot of tablets at CES, but the M7 is different. It runs on an Android OS (2.1), but also includes an interesting stand. The only way to describe it is to show you.

CYDLE_M7_TabletPCThe built in stand feature is what makes it unique to me. They took it one step further to make something other than “another tablet.” The stand works in both portrait and landscape mode and allows you to watch or read hands-free. The M7 also includes an e-reader, e-mail, web browser, calendar, alarm clock, HD quality movies and pictures, music player and includes access to Cycle’s App Square for more apps.

The tablet has a 7 inch touchscreen (800×480), wifi enabled, micro SD slot (up to 32 GB), HDMI (1080 P), USB slot and is powered by an internal Lithium Polymer battery. (See Full Specs) The M7 will be available in March and will retail for $249.

i30 Mobile TV Receiver for Smartphones – This product is so cool! I hate to admit it, but I LOVE watching TV. I have a TV on in our house almost all the time. And yes, I do need to take the TV with me. I have looked at many products that offer mobile TV, but every one comes with a subscription.

The i30 Mobile TV uses ATSC format, a digital mobile television format that picks up digital stations over the air. The stations available will vary depending on where you are. You can check the ATSC M/H TV channels that are available in the U.S. But that means that you do not have to pay a monthly subscription to use the i30 Mobiel TV Receiver.

Not only does it play TV, but also includes Smart Battery charging and sharing, a retractable antennae, built-in speakers and a mounting kit.

I can already see it…I’m going to be watching TV at the beach, at the pool and at the park. That is so cool!!! The iPhone version will be out in March and retail for $149.

CYDLE_i20G_i30i20G GPS navigation for Smartphones and Multimedia player – This is similar to the Mobile TV only it’s for GPS. It turns your smartphone or multimedia player into a GPS device using maps downloaded from the app store.

Cydle also has a 2 other mobile consumer electronics available, an HD radio receiver and a multimedia player. I am very anxious to see the new products that Cydle is releasing this spring. Cydle’s mobile consumer electronics are affordable, practical, mobile and they are beautiful too.

One thing that I think is important with technology is that it should fit into our lives. We should not have to change the way we live in order to use technology. Cydle’s mobile electronics fit into my “on the go” lifestyle. True lifestyle technology in my book.