Give The Gift of the Story With a CROSS Pen #WriteGift

Give the gift of a story. A CROSS Pen with an engraved saying to remind someone of an achievement or special moment in their life. A personal gift they are sure to love. #WriteGift

This is a CROSS Pen sponsored post. 

How do you celebrate achievements in your life? With something that will remind you daily of the hard work that went into that achievement? Well, you should if you don’t.

CROSS Pen Engraving

CROSS Pen #WriteGift

Life is a Journey!

CROSS Pen asked me to celebrate an achievement in my life by putting a few words engraved on a CROSS pen. I chose to put, “Life is a Journey!” on my pen. I thought about all the different achievements in my life and whether there was one that was pivotal. One achievement that changed my life forever. And….there isn’t one. Every single one of those achievements and special moments has brought me to where I am.

CROSS Pen #WriteGift

Here are some examples:

  • Graduating college
  • Getting married
  • Having a baby
  • Starting a blog
  • Running a half marathon
  • Speaking in front of a large audience

Those are all achievements in my life that I want to remember. But what they remind me is that each special moment is a step along my journey. It’s not something to attain and then be done. I didn’t graduate from college and then be done. That was a turning point and my step into true adulthood.

CROSS Pen #WriteGift

Celebrate My Continuing Achievements

What I wanted to celebrate was my yearning to never stop achieving. To continue to learn and do and with each achievement, to find something new to learn and do. Always challenge myself with the next thing. Enjoy the journey to each achievement and stop waiting for the achievement to change my life.

Thank you CROSS Pen for this daily reminder to be present and enjoy. Each day when I work on my to do list with my CROSS Pen, I’ll be reminded to enjoy the journey of my life.

Writing my daily to do list with my CROSS pen. #WriteGift

Give The Gift of a Story

Give the gift of someone’s story with a CROSS Pen. It can be one word or a small phrase to remind them of a special moment or an achievement. It’s a gift that is very personal and will mean a lot to someone.

Disclosure: This is a CROSS Pen sponsored post. I received the pen in exchange for my story. All opinions are my own. 

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