Send Your Child to School With The Proper Protection

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Are your child’s computer and smart phones protected? Kids are using devices at a young age, but they don’t know how to protect themselves from identity theft, malware, and phishing schemes. It’s your job to be sure their devices are protected with antimalware.

Right now hackers are busy creating 16,000+ new viruses every hour. Webroot will protect your family’s devices from these hackers using cloud technology. The old way of categorizing all the new viruses and you had to download new signatures to keep your computer antimalware updated. With Webroot, you are protected immediately.

Webroot software to protect your family's devices from identity theft, malware, and phishing. Antimalware protection

Why Webroot?

Webroot is different from other antivirus and antimalware software. It is cloud-based and will protect your devices without sacrificing speed. It quietly runs in the background while you go about your daily business on your device. The moment a new threat is released, Webroot can protect your device. No need to update your software daily to be protected from threats.

Here is are several reasons why Webroot is perfect for your family:

Speed: No one wants to sacrifice speed to be protected. You want your computer to be safe and to work quickly. Webroot is lightweight and won’t hog your resources.

Mobile Safety: It’s not just your child’s laptops that need to be protected, but their smart phones too. Smart phones are often targeted because it’s easy to get kids to download a new fun app and there could be threats hidden in the apps. Webroot will protect your smart phones.

Webroot software to protect your family's devices from identity theft, malware, and phishing.

Webroot scanning a laptop.

TIP: Before each school year, sit down with your child and go through the apps on their phones. Be sure you understand the security features and how your kids are using the apps.

Quick and Easy Installation: Within 20 seconds, you can have Webroot running and scanning your device for threats.

Predicting Threats: Webroot has technology that is able to predict and stopping threats from impacting your devices.

Quick Scans: You don’t need to find something else to do while your computer is scanning for threats. Webroot is 60 times faster than the average scan, so it won’t interrupt your work. You will only receive a notification if something is found that could harm your device.

Password Management

We all know that it is very important to have secure passwords, but it’s so hard to remember the long, complicated passwords. Webroot will help you with that. You remember one password and Webroot will encrypt all your passwords and personal information.

You can access those passwords on a laptop, desktop or smart phone so you never have to memorize more than one password again.

TIP: Password management makes it easier for you, but it’s still important to teach your children that passwords are never to be shared with their friends.

Webroot software to protect your family's devices from identity theft, malware, and phishing.

You can access your online dashboard to set up password security.

Affordable Security

Webroot has different plans depending on how many devices you want to protect. The smallest plan will protect three devices for one year.

Webroot is available to download for the PC, Mac, iPhone and Android devices.

Go to the Webroot website and check out the available plans to find the best one for your family. Before you send your kids to school, be sure all their devices are protected.

Disclosure: This is a Webroot sponsored post. I received product and compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.


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