Have you ever been stuck? I have been stuck for a over a year now. I’m working hard to figure out why and to wade my through through the muck.

Walking my path and getting unstuck

Project Balance???

I tried to use #ProjectBalance last year to get unstuck, but that just left me frustrated and feeling guilty because I didn’t accomplish any of those goals. I started out 2013 doing better, but let it all go in March.

I love blogging, but I haven’t been feeling it lately and I finally figured out why. I haven’t been dong any writing about me. Writing about what is going on in my tech-filled life. I enjoy doing reviews and bringing new products to you, but lately, it’s taken over my blogging. It’s not going away, I’m just going to be modifying my policies.

My Blog is a Business

My blog is now a business, but I haven’t been the best at treating it like a business. It’s my fault. I am going to be spending much of April putting policies and systems into place. I’m going to set up and/or updating the following:

  • About Me page
  • Media page
  • PR information
  • Review Criteria
  • Comment policy
  • Guest posting information
  • Financial records
  • Business plan
  • Business Goals
  • New Logo (maybe?)
  • New theme
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Major blog cleanup of old posts & comments

Then come May, I’m going to get back to teaching you more about how to use technology to enhance your life. I’ve lost my way and I’m getting back on that yellow orange brick road.

Getting Unstuck

What do you do to get unstuck and find your mojo? What would you like to see on this blog? What topics?

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