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Techlicious sponsored CE Week Lunch

This is a sponsored post.

Back in June, I headed up to New York City with Leticia Barr for some Techlicious fun. CE Week was in NYC and we went to see the latest in technology and attend a Techlicious sponsored lunch.

Techlicious sponsored CE Week Lunch

We heard from the sponsors.

LG and 4K TVs

LG sponsor

Interesting stats from LG:

  • 34% of U.S. broadband households have a smart TV, which has increased 31% since last year — Parks Associates
  • 80% of flat panel TVs will be smart-enabled by the end of 2015 — Parks Associates
  • 12.7 million UHD 4K TVs are expected in 2014 vs. 1.9 million in 2013 – NPD DisplaySearch

LG showed us their Ultra HD 4K TV.

Phillips and Speakers

Phillips & Speakers

Phillips is offering a new category of speakers called Soundbase. It is a speaker that sits below your TV and won’t interfere with your remote. TVs are getting thinner and can not accommodate many high-quality speakers.

TripIt for Travelers


Did you know that 44% of travelers use their smartphone to research travel while they are traveling (JJWire report).

TripIt app

I found this info really interesting. It shows the minutes that travelers did certain tasks on their smartphone or tablet while on vacation (2013 Indexed to 2012 – Prosper Insights & Analytics.)

  • Checking in at an airport ahead of time — 152
  • Making reservations for restaurants or attractions — 135
  • Entertainment while traveling (on a plane, in the car, etc.) — 132
  • Posting photos/status updates to social media — 128
  • Searching for local restaurants or attractions — 126
  • Entertainment while on vacation (at the beach, in a hotel, etc.) — 124
  • Checking work email — 122
  • GPS/Maps — 122
  • Keeping in touch with those back home — 117
  • Checking personal email — 111

Techlicious Lunch Gallery of Photos

It was a wonderful day in NYC with Leticia and Techlicious. Thank you to all the sponsors. We took a late train home and had a bit of time to explore NYC.

NYC with LeticiaAnd this was the parting scene on the train.

sunset on the train

Disclosure: Techlicious paid for my train trip and I received the goody bag at the lunch  All opinions are my own.

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