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Brookstone has always been one of my favorite stores. I remember as a kid going to my Grandma’s house and seeing the catalog. They always had the coolest gadgets. A gadget to solve a problem or improve your life in some way. Every gadget served a particular purpose.

Why the Brookstone Review Crew?

My blog has always been about showing you how to use technology to enhance your life, so when Brookstone asked me to be on the Review Crew, I knew it was a perfect match.

Because of this partnership, I will be able to bring you reviews from some of those awesome gadgets that Brookstone creates. I love that if Brookstone finds a problem that needs a solution, they try to solve it.

I’m starting with 2 products that I use often and I use both in my bedroom.

brookstone shiatsu bed lounger sounds

Tranquil Moments Advanced Sleep Sounds

I often have trouble falling asleep. My husband hits the pillow and is out in minutes while I lay there tossing and turning trying to fall asleep. The TV will sometimes help because it gives my mind something to focus on other than my thoughts (think shower moments going on nonstop in my head.) But then I have weird dreams about whatever is on TV.



helps solve that problem. I have peaceful and relaxing sounds to listen to while I fall asleep. There is a timer, so the sounds will turn off after either 30, 60 or 90 minutes. I get to chose from 16 different sounds like water, forest, therapy sounds or a bell chiming.

The therapy sounds are the most interesting because you can choose your sound based on how you want to feel. Seven of the sounds use the brainwave entrainment technique (by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.) The directions included go through all the different sounds and what they are, what feeling you may get.


My favorite is the ocean because I am really a beach girl at heart. I may have grown up in Wisconsin, gone to school in Minnesota and ended up in Virginia, but the beach is where I feel the most peaceful. The ocean sounds just puts me in my “happy place.”

Tranquil Moments Advanced Sleep Sounds is available for $169.99 either online or in the Brookstone stores.

Shiatsu Bed Lounger


is like no other bed lounger you’ve seen. It has a shiatsu massager built-in to target your lower back.

brookstone shiatsu bed lounger

And you’d think that would be enough, but they included a USB plug so you can plug-in your phone or tablet and charge it up while relaxing. There is a pocket for your gadget too.

shiatsu Bed lounger

Here is what the Shiatsu nodes look like. You can adjust the nodes to go either forward or reverse.

shiatsu bed lounger

I found that putting a soft blanket up against the nodes feels better on my back. My only complaint is that my upper back needed a massage too. I wished it would have gone higher up.

Here you can see my Kindle Fire in the pocket and it is plugged in and charging.

shiatsu bed lounger charging station

My kids all love the Shiatsu Bed Lounger and I never know where I’ll find it.


The Shiatsu Bed Lounger is available for $149.99 from Brookstone.

Disclosure: As a member of the Brookstone Review Crew, I receive product and conference sponsorships. No other compensation received. All opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links within post.

Let’s Talk!

How do you relax and fall asleep at night? Do you use any gadgets to help you relax or fall asleep?

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