In a few days I will be heading to Blissdom. Blissdom is a blogging conference in Nashville, TN put on by Alli Worthington and Barbara Jones. The Blissdom site describes the conference as:

Blissdom is the premiere conference for women who find and express their bliss by publishing online.

Now doesn’t that sound awesome. I never really thought about it like that, but I do find bliss in what I do. That’s why I do it. It doesn’t feel like work. Every day when I make the long commute from my bedroom to my office downstairs I feel so lucky. I absolutely love what I do and I’m figuring out how to make it a career.

This is my first time attending Blissdom. I’ve wanted to go for years, but could never make it happen. Thanks to AMD, this year I am attending Blissdom. I am honored to be a 2011 AMD Mom and you will be hearing a lot more about AMD in the future.

Here is a sample of some of the sessions I’m planning to attend at Blissdom…

Wisdom Workshops Wednesday

  • Advanced Branding: Building Your Personal Brand in a Crowded Market
  • Monetization Models: Customize Your Plan
  • SEO & Analytics: Why You Should Care

Thursday & Friday Conference Sessions

  • So You Say You Want a Revolution?:Peek Behind the Curtain of PR-Blogger Relations
  • Implementation and Professionalism:  The Stage is Set, Now Deliver
  • Collaboration & Curation:  How to Amplify Impact through Social Media Alliances
  • Advanced Monetization is Not for Whiny Complainers:  Make Your Own Opportunities

I will be taking lots of notes and share what I learn.

I don’t think I have ever spent any time in Nashville. I’ve been in the airport and that’s it. The conference is at the Opryland Hotel and I have heard nothing but good things about it (and bring comfy shoes because it’s big!)

Can’t wait to see everyone at Blissdom!! If you are heading to Blissdom and you see me (the short blonde with long hair, the short haired short blonde is Bantering Blonde).

While I’m gone, I’ll be posting the story of my health the last 10 years. I promised to write it all out and now I’m delivering. I will end with my plan for 2011 to get my health back on track.