Protect Your Smart Home & Mobile Devices With BitdefenderBOX; See At #CES2017

BitdefenderBOX will be at #CES2017 this week. Check them out at the Sands.

This is a BitdefenderBOX sponsored post. 

Do you have a smart home filled with smart devices connected to the internet? Are all those devices protected? No? I thought so. I didn’t think much about protecting all of my devices at home until I heard about the BitdefenderBOX.

BitdefenderBOX will be at #CES2017 this week. Check them out at the Sands.

BitdefenderBOX at CES 2017

Bitdefender is back with an even better version of the first BitdefenderBOX which they will be showcasing at CES this week. Here is a quick video about the new product.

You can find Bitdefender at Sands A – C, Booth 40550 if you are at CES. It’s a must see!

BitdefenderBOX Protects While Away Too

One of the best benefits of the BitdefenderBOX is that it will protect your devices while away too. While you are connected to those random WiFi networks while at CES, with BitdefenderBOX connected to your home connection and through a VPN, your mobile devices will be protected. That is AWESOME.

I do worry about my mobile devices especially when I’m at huge conferences like CES because it feels like a good place for someone to hack into a lot of devices at once.

BitdefenderBOX is Easy to Use

I’ll be honest, when I first hear about securing all my smart home devices (appliances, lightbulbs, etc.) I get scared and I’m a techie!! It sounds complicated and hard. But I found the BitdefenderBOX makes it very simple. It connects to an app on your smartphone.

It connects to an app on your smartphone and once you are up and running, you will get notifications of any problems.

Be Smart About Smart Devices

Here is a great video about why you need to be smart about your smart devices:

Next Generation BitdefenderBOX

The second generation BitdefenderBOX will do the same things the first one does, but even better. Protecting your devices and your home isn’t a one and done job. You need a device that will continue to improve as the technology changes and the hackers get smarter.

For More Information:

If you aren’t at CES and you would like to learn more about the BitdefenderBOX, check out these places for more information:

Let me know if you stop by the booth and what you thought of the BitdefenderBOX. If you have any questions, ask them below and I will get them answered for you while I’m there. 

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Disclosure: This is a BitdefenderBOX sponsored post. I was compensated for my work on this campaign. All opinions are my own. 


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