bipper logoThe BipperKids app gives parents more safety options to watch what your children are doing on their phone. Buying your child a cell phone is one of the first of many big decisions we make as parents.

With my oldest, I remember feeling like giving him a cell phone was pushing one foot out the door. It was scary because I was giving him access to the world when he wanted. I wanted to give him more freedom around the neighborhood.

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Along with freedom comes responsibility and I wanted to teach my son responsibility and how to use it wisely. At the same time, I wanted to be sure he was safe. With BipperKids, you can give your kids responsibility of the cell phone and still keep them safe.

BipperKids Features

  • GPS Location – If your child or the phone is lost, you can check the location by going online and logging into your account.
  • Usage Reports – In order to teach your kids responsibility, you need to be sure that they are handling the responsibility correctly. With the usage reports, you can check at any time how your kids are using the cell phone.
  • Safety Alarm – If your child is lost or in a situation they are uncomfortable there is a safety alarm which is pushed in one step.
  • Contact Control – Keep track of who your child is contacting.
  • Time Control – Control when your child is using the cell phone.
  • App Control – Control which apps your child can use on the cell phone.


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My favorite feature is the emails that I receive as an administrator of the BipperKids account.


Using BipperKids

  • When your child tries to use the phone’s texting, they are routed through the BipperKids texting. I
  • f your child needs to use the safety alarm, they click the SOS button and have 5 seconds to either turn it off or the administrators (parents) are notified via text message and email.
  • When placing a phone call, the child uses the phone’s default dialing.

Some features have premium options which are available for $59.90/year. BipperKids is available on Android phones in both a free and premium version.

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Disclosure: I received an Android phone reveiew the BipperKids app. All opinions of BipperKids is 100% my own. 

Let’s Talk About BipperKids!

Do your kids have a cell phone? What are your biggest concerns with their safety while using the cell phone?

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