During the holidays, we will often buy a family gift. It is usually a tech gift that the family can enjoy. Here are some of the best tech gifts for families this year. I received a some of these gifts for review. No guarantee that products will be in my gift guides. Affiliate links within post.

best tech gifts for familiesBest Tech Gifts for Families

Samsung Smart TV

We have been talking about purchasing a new TV for our family room. We enjoy watching TV and movies together as a family and bigger is always better, in my book, when it come to TVs.

We have looked at the Samsung Smart TV for a few reasons. First, I have the Samsung Note 3 and a Samsung tablet and I like how all the Samsung devices work well together. But, more importantly, I love the picture on the Samsung. It’s very bright, crisp and clear. When I stand at the store and look at all the TVs in my price range, the Samsung TVs always stand out.

Samsung Smart TV Best tech gifts families

 XBox One

I have included the XBox One in my best tech gifts for families because this gaming system does so much more. It can be the entertainment center of your home. Each member of you family can set up their home screen to show what they love best whether it’s gaming, TV or movies.

Set it up so you can use Kinect or voice to control your TV. Imagine changing the channel by speaking. No more yelling about where the channel changer (that’s what we call it in our house) is hiding. You can use Skype and the Kinect camera to stay connected with family far away.

Tech Gifts for Teens Xbox One

TiVo Roamio HD DVR

We got a TiVo earlier this year for review and we have fallen in love with it. TiVo just came out with the new Roamio with streaming and I really want to try it. You can stream either live or recorded TV to a tablet or phone from anywhere. We love that we can record 4 shows at the same time and so far we have never run out of room on our TiVo.

When you are searching for a particular show, TiVo will search the networks, Hulu, Amazon and Netflix to find your show. I received the earlier version of TiVo to review. I have not used this specific version, but if you take mine and add the streaming…it’s pure love!

TiVo Roamio best tech gift for families

HP ENVY Rove 20 All-in-One Tablet/Desktop PC

The HP ENVY Rove 20 is a computer that can be used as a desktop or a large table. We keep ours in the kitchen now so we all have easy access to it. It’s easy to move from our counter to the table if we want to everyone to see something on the computer.

When we have lots of photos to look at, we sit at the kitchen table and look at them on our large tablet. We can angle it so that it’s easier for everyone to see and even put it down flat when you want to play games. The versatility is what makes it a great family computer. I received the Rove as part of the #IntelAIO program with Social Chorus.

HP EnVY Rove 20

What are the best tech gifts your family has purchased?

Disclosure: I received the TiVo and HP ENVY for review. There are no guarantees that a product I receive for review will be in my gift guides. All opinions are 100% my own.

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