Best Selfie Camera? Samsung’s NX Mini Smart Camera #WefieNX

best selfie camera Samsung NX Mini

best selfie camera Samsung NX MiniWho takes selfies? I do!!! And I love taking selfies because as the photography of the family, I’m rarely in the photos, so taking selfies puts me in the photo album too. What is the best selfie camera?

Tips! 7 Tips for Taking Better Selfies (CNN)

Best Selfie Camera

Have you seen the newest camera from Samsung? The NX Mini Smart Camera is a fabulous camera for taking selfies. Thank you Mashable for showing me the way.

Vine Break from the Samsung Camera team to show it off.

pink NX Mini @WefieNX Best camera for Selfies

This camera is slim so it’s easy enough to carry with you all the time. You can send the photos from the camera to your Samsung phone and send that selfies to Instagram immediately. The NX Mini (Amazon link) also comes in several covers and has the beautiful leather look that I love on my Note 3 & Note Pro 12.2.Tips! Introducing the Newest Way to Take Selfies: #WefieNX

Interesting NX Mini Features

  • A very interesting feature for a small, slim camera is the interchangeable lens so you can swap out a different lens. An adapter will allow you to add any of the NX lenses to the mini.
  • Camera can be activated by sound, so you could use it as a baby monitor.
  • Want to take a selfies from a distance? Just wink and wait a few seconds.
  • Bundled with Lightroom 5
  • Built-in flash
  • Takes both JPEG and RAW images
  • 3-inch display flips up 180 degrees for taking the best selfie
  • Tag & Go so you can use NFC to connect with other NFC devices

This video will show you some of the features:

Check out the Samsung Camera blog for sample photos taken with the NX Mini Smart Camera.

Let’s Talk about taking selfies

Do you use a camera to take selfies? Are you happy with the selfies you take with your smart phone? Do you have tips for taking better selfies?

You can sign up on Amazon to be notified when the NX Mini is available. It is not listed in the store as of today. I will let you know if I hear anything about its availability.


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