The Best iPad Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders (Best Apps) (affiliate link) by Peter Meyers is the perfect companion for your iPad. If you are unsure about which are the best apps, the Best iPad Apps book is definitely for you. Sponsored post and the image below is an affiliate link.

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I am an app junkie. I have hundreds of apps. I do not have them all on my iPad, but I don’t hesitate to download a free app. I even track the sales of apps and if an app is free one day, I’ll download it if I think I might want it someday. If an app is less than $2.00, I will probably buy it. But when an app is more than $2.00, I have to think about it and I check the ratings and I search for reviews. The Best iPad Apps book has saved me a lot of money in apps.

iPad Apps Book

The book is broken down into sections like, Work, Leisure, Play, Home, Health and Out and About. Each section is broken down further into categories. Here are a few samples of the best categories:

  • Best App for Reading Textbooks
  • Best App for Friend Photo Browsing
  • Best App for iPad Wallpaper
  • Best App for Flashcards
  • Best App for Finding Cheap Airfares

In most cases, there is just one app, but some a few have an “Honorable Mention.” My concern is that there are new apps coming out daily and how timely will the book be in a few months. But after reading through the book, I think the best of the best in apps doesn’t change as quickly as I first thought. In most cases I agreed with the author’s choices. I learned a lot about apps that I already have.

You can see a preview of the book at the O’Reilly website, Best iPad Apps preview.

Excellent iPad Apps Guide

The Best iPad Apps book is an excellent guide to help you weed through the thousands of apps available for the iPad. I recommend this book for anyone who has an iPad or iPad 2. Best iPad Apps is available in paperback
and ebook (affiliate links.)

Disclosure: I received a copy of the Best iPad Apps in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

What are your favorite iPad Apps?

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