Why You Want A Front Load Washer

front load laundry @BestBuy @LG

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Ever wonder why someone would want a front load washer and dryer? There are several reasons and they will save you time and money.

front load laundry @BestBuy @LG

Advantages Of A Front Load Machine

Have you checked out the front load machines? When I first saw them, I wondered why we needed this option. I did a little research and found there are several advantages.

  • They use less water which means a lower water bill especially if you do a lot of laundry.
  • Front load machines are gentler on your clothes. Clothes last longer.
  • They also use less power to run which means a lower utility bill.
  • They also clean your clothes better. That will help your clothes last longer too.
  • The front load washers spin faster and get your clothes drier quicker. That means less time in the front load dryer.

Two More Reasons To Buy A Front Load

I’m short. I know you are wonder why this matters. Have you ever tried to get the clothes out of the bottom of a top load washing machine if you are short? I need a stool. It’s crazy. I can barely do my own laundry. It’s just a huge inconvenience for me.

This is me trying to reach the washcloth at the bottom of a top load machine without a stool.

So you are tall and that doesn’t matter? Do you have kids? Would you like them to do their own laundry? A front load machine is much easier for kids to learn to do their own laundry at a younger age.

LG Front Load Laundry

Best Buy has a few LG front load laundry options. One of my favorite features of the LG front load machines is the SideKick. You can do 2 loads at the same time!

LG SideKick available at Best Buy

The SideKick is the small washer you see below the big front load. It’s great for smaller loads or when you have a HUGE load and you need to split it up, but you still want it all done at once.

Boom!! Now you will save even more time!!!

If you purchase an LG Front Load Washer and SideKick right now, you will save an additional $150. 

Have you looked at the front load laundry machines? Do you have one? What advantages do you see to the front load machines? 


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