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Everyone is a photographer now. We have a camera with us all the time. You probably capture moments with photos daily. Yay! But how do the photos look? Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements 14 make it easy to edit your photos.

You capture the moment & Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements 14 will make it easy to perfect the photos and videos. #BestLifeEver #PSE

Editing Photos With Photoshop Elements 14

Let’s start with an example. Here is a photo I took of my daughter when we were on vacation in Hawaii this past August. I love this photo, but I must have moved the camera a bit because it’s blurry.

Megan before editing

And here is the same photo after I used the Auto Shake Reduction & Auto Brightness & Contrast in Photoshop Elements 14.

Megan image corrected with Photoshop Elements 14 #BestLifeEver #PSE

Here is another example from Adobe:

Elements 14 easily removes blurs for great selfies

Easy for Casual Photographers

My favorite feature of Photoshop Elements is how easy it is to use. This is the perfect software for a beginning photographer who has no idea how to edit their photos.

The software has guided tutorials that will easily walk you through the edits. I removed the haze in this photo:

Before removing the haze in Photoshop Elements.

Here is the photo with the haze removed and I cropped out that thing in the lower right.

Before removing the haze in Photoshop Elements.

The changes are small, but both changes took about 2 minutes and the photo looks better. I used the Guided edits for both the haze and the cropping.

Elements also makes it very easy to upload to social networks from within the program.

Photo Creations

You can also create scrapbook pages, cards, calendars and more. Photoshop Elements will walk you through creating your masterpiece.

My daughter wanted a collage from her dance competitions last year for a poster, so we made this scrapbook page in about 5 minutes. The hardest part was picking out the photos.

Dancing collage made in PSE.

Editing Movies With Premiere Elements 14

Do you have a lot of movies on your phone or camera and you aren’t sure what to do with them? At the end of a year or after a vacation, I take all the movies I’ve taken and edit them into one movie.

Premiere Elements can view and edit 4k videos and photos. Upload your finished videos to YouTube or Vimeo to share with family and friends.

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Organizing Photos & Videos

Elements 14 comes with a built-in organizer. You can find photos by date, place or face. I love the face one because I’m often looking for photos of my kids and it’s easier to find them in the faces organizer.

TIP: I don’t add tags to every photo, but I will add vacation tags or if it’s a holiday or special occasion. But I do not tag every day photos. It takes too much time to add tags for every photo.

Where to Buy

The entire Photoshop Elements line-up is now available at Best Buy. The Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements version is $149.99.

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